Trying weekend for Williams

A trying weekend for Williams at the Hungarian Grand Prix with neither driver able to collect points.

Kazuki Nakajima"Obviously it was a very difficult race for us. We converted my strategy to a one stopper, which was the right thing to do, so thanks to the team for that. After that though, I was running heavy and struggling on the option tyres so had to fight for pace. I then made contact with Fisichella and lost a position. Fortunately, I was able to regain it when he had to make his final stop. That was all we could do today so we need to look into what happened and try to improve for the next race."

Nico Rosberg"My first lap wasn’t great. I was in the wrong place and lost a few positions.  Then, during my first pit-stop, something went wrong with the fuel rig which cost me a couple of decisive seconds and put me behind Fisichella. My strategy was over then. In terms of the heat I didn’t have a problem with it; we’ve definitely had worse races this year."

Sam Michael, Technical Director"Being a track like Budapest, it’s extremely difficult to overtake, especially when everyone gets stacked up behind one another. We didn’t have a good first lap, with both cars losing positions. We also had a problem with the fuel rig on Nico’s car, which dropped him behind Kazuki, whose strategy we had changed. Difficult race, but we’ll look forward to the next one. During the break before the next couple of Grands Prix, even though we’re in a balancing act of developing the 2009 car with improving this year’s car, we’ll still be working hard on the FW30 in order to make progress in the remaining races."