Smartwax Launches Concours Paste

Although few people can devote the time and dedication required to winconcours events, everybody wants their car, motorbike or boat to look like a show- stopper. Now, you can achieve a 'concours' standard finish as SmartwaxR has responded to the demand by introducing the new Concours Paste Wax.Smartwax Concours Paste Wax is hand crafted in the manner of fine wine. Produced in a special airtight blending and pouring facility, Smartwax Concours Paste Wax is made from the finest and purest ingredients. More than 50 per cent of it comprises wax from the leaves of the Carnauba palm, which is known as the 'Tree of Life'.

Widely used in the cosmetics industry, Carnuaba wax is available in different grades, with only the best, Number One, being used in Smartwax Concours Paste Wax. The white Carnuaba wax is blended with some of the finest, most refined, protective agents as well as coconut, sunflower and propolis (a substance collected by honeybees from tree buds) oils to produce the very purest natural paste wax.Suitable for all paint finishes and colours, Smartwax Concours Paste Wax delivers unmatched depth of shine with the 'wetness' which is the hallmark of a true concours quality finish.SmartwaxR cleaners and polishes were developed in the USA and have been available in the UK since June 2006. They are the latest generation of professional grade products available for DIY use on cars, motorbikes and boats.

Unlike some other products on the market, the Smartwax range meets the USA Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standard so they will not damage car paintwork, the user's health or the environment.Ian Wilkinson, managing director of Smartwax UK, said: "Everybody wants their car, bike or boat to look outstanding but few of us can afford thetime to achieve concours standards. Smartwax Concours Paste Wax solves the problem as it's as easy to use as an ordinary wax polish but produces far superior results."Among the many fans of the Smartwax range include such Hollywood legends as Sylvester Stallone, Ludacris, Chris Rock and Mark Wahlberg. They all insist on Smartwax products when their cars are specially cleaned and polished. Smartwax cleaners and polishes are also featured and used in the popular TV series, Pimp My Ride.Smartwax products are available from good car accessory shops or can be purchased online from the website In case of difficulty or for more information, telephone 01992 466481.