Rally Route

The route shows few variations from 2007.  It is again based around the service park in Trier, although the second day includes two remote service areas at Birkenfeld.  While the stage locations are broadly the same, several tests are used in the opposite direction to last year.  After Thursday's ceremonial start at Trier's historic Porta Nigra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Friday's action is based in the Mosel.  Saturday is split between tests in Saarland and Baumholder before the final day returns to the vineyards.  The rally ends with a spectacular super special stage around Porta Nigra with several cars on course at the same time.  Drivers tackle 19 stages covering 352,89km in a route of 1174.91km.

Thursday 14 August: Ceremonial start

Start   Porta Nigra, Trier                      20.00

Friday 15 August: Day 1 Trier - Trier

Start   Trier Messepark                         08.30 SS1     Ruwertal / Fell                 21.22km 09.13 SS2     Grafschaft Veldenz                      23.04km 10.26 SS3     Moselland                         9.82km        11.19 Serv A  Messepark (30 mins)                     13.34 SS4     Ruwertal / Fell                 21.22km 14.52 SS5     Grafschaft Veldenz                      23.04km 16.05 SS6     Moselland                         9.82km        16.58 Serv B  Messepark (45 mins)                     18.13 Finish  Trier Viehmarkt                 19.13

Total                               108.16km

Saturday 16 August: Day 2 Trier - Trier

Start   Trier Viehmarkt                         06.15 Serv C  Messepark (15 mins)                     06.25 SS7     Bosenberg                       19.12km 08.18 SS8     Freisen / Westrich                      16.16km 08.51 SS9     Birkenfelder Land                       14.22km 09.26 RSZ     Birkenfeld (15 mins)                            10.01 SS10    Arena Panzerplatte                      30.38km 10.44 Serv D  Messepark (30 mins)                     12.49 SS11    Bosenberg                       19.12km 14.57 SS12    Freisen / Westrich                      16.16km 15.30 SS13    Birkenfelder Land                       14.22km 16.05 RSZ     Birkenfeld (15 mins)                            16.40 SS14    Arena Panzerplatte                      30.38km 17.23 Serv E  Messepark (30 mins)                     18.58 Finish  Trier Viehmarkt                 19.58

Total                           159.76km

Sunday 17 August: Day 3 Trier - Trier

Start   Trier Viehmarkt                         06.15 Serv F  Messepark (15 mins)                     06.25 SS15    Dhrontal                22.22km 07.28 SS16    Moselwein                       18.08km 08.03 Serv G  Messepark (30 mins)                     09.23 SS17    Dhrontal                22.22km 10.41 SS18    Moselwein                       18.08km 11.16 SS19    SSS Circus Maximus Trier                  4.37km        13.08 Serv H  Messepark (10 mins)                     13.31 Finish  Porta Nigra, Trier                      16.15

Total                         84.97km Rally total                         352.89km