Bikes: Meklau moves to third


Suzuki International Europe's Andy Meklau has moved into third place in the German IDM Superbike series after finishing fourth and seventh at the weekend's rain-lashed Oschersleben round.

Both races were won by Jorg Teuchert (Yamaha). In the second heat Roman Stamm (Suzuki Switzerland) and Gabor Rizmayer (Suzuki Hungary) joined him on the podium.

Andreas Meklau:

"Hats off to Roman and Gabor. They rode a high-risk race in spite of the bad weather. They could afford to, though, because they didn't have much to lose. I had to be more careful because I wanted to gain third place in the overall positioning. In wet conditions the rules are different and it's a whole other ball game. This time titleholders Martin Bauer (Honda) and Werner Daemen (Yoshimura Van Zon Schafer Motorsport Suzuki) came off badly."

Evren Bischoff - Team Manager:

"Once again the results depended on whether the tyre gamble paid off or not. The state of the championships counted a lot for us as well. Andy Meklau is now the best Suzuki rider and has moved up from fourth place to third place in the table. His other Suzuki colleagues, Werner Daemen and Roman Stamm, have taken up positions behind him. We might not be able to win the title, but we will show everyone just how strong we are in the final."

1st heat: 1st JÃ'rg Teuchert (D-Yamaha), 2nd Gwen Giabbani (F-Kawasaki), 3rd Martin Bauer (A-Honda), 4th Andy Meklau (A-Suzuki), 5th Andrzej Pawelec (PL-Yamaha), 6th Dominic Lammert (D-Suzuki), 7th Roman Stamm (CH-Suzuki), 8th Günther Knobloch (A-Ducati), 9th Diego Lozano Ortiz (ESP-Honda), 10th Nina Prinz (D-Yamaha).

2nd heat: 1st JÃ'rg Teuchert (D-Yamaha), 2nd Roman Stamm (CH-Suzuki), 3rd Gábor Rizmayer (H-Suzuki), 4th Gwen Giabbani (F-Kawasaki), 5th Werner Daemen (B-Suzuki), 6th Martin Bauer (A-Honda), 7th Andy Meklau (A-Suzuki), 8th Kari Vehniäinen (FIN-Yamaha), 9th Christian Kellner (D-Ducati), 10th Andrzej Pawelec (PL-Yamaha).

Points: 1st Bauer 282, 2nd Teuchert 265, 3rd Meklau 204, 4th Daemen 199, 5th Stamm 139, 6th Andersen 78, 7th Rizmayer 76, 8th Lammert 75, 9th Knobloch 74, 10th Depoorter.