Aston Martin One-77 launched

Aston Martin have just launched a bespoke offering - a limited edition of 77 cars at a cool £1.2 million! The car will have a hand made aluminium body over a carbon chassis and run a 7 litre V12 - with projected peformance figures of 220 mph and 0-60 mph of 3.5 seconds. Power is reported to be over 650 BHP with 700+nm of torque.

The justification for the price will be that the car will be completely bespoke and no two One-77's will be alike.

Don't know much about the car - but if I wanted an ultimate contemporary DB - I'd buy a DBR9 GT1 from Aston Martin Racing - if there are any chassis left - they are not going to be too expensive as the car's competition life is limited - and then I'd pay the factory to SVA and kit it out how I wanted. Probably be a LOT cheaper than an One-77 and have I'd have an AM competition car for the road - which long term maybe worth a few quid. Ok this is pretty different concept to the One-77 - but to my  mind more desirable.

Anyway I don't have £1.2 million to spend on a car at the moment so it's irrelevant really - if you are interested in the car and have the necessary £££'s - go to HWM Aston Martin below - and arrange to be invited to preview of the car at the end of the year at the factory.

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