Silverline Drag Racing is a success

The  third annual Silverline power tool drag racing event took place on  Sunday, 10th  August, it proved to be a spectacular day out for all. Held at the  Haynes International  Motor Museum, Somerset and with special guests  from  The  Gadget Show  and Team High Output from the United States, the event attracted over 4000 spectators who enjoyed high octane action throughout the day.

The  crazy  sport of power tool drag racing first originated in  the  USA.  This year,  Silverline  Tools were honoured to be joined by 'Team High  Output'  from Philadelphia, USA, headed by Howard Kaplan. Team High Output plan to  return  in 2009,  with bigger and better machines, ready to take on their feisty UK  rivals for the second time! Power tool drag racing requires competitors to take a hand- held  power tool such as an angle grinder or belt sander and engineer it into  a mean  machine fit for racing competitors down a 75ft track. A record  number  of competitors entered this year, all of whom took great pride in showcasing  their inspiring  design and engineering talents. One cool competitor chose  to  go  in cognito  by  disguising  a  belt sander within a tool bag  while  another  entry featured a circular saw which proved a great acceleration aid as it hurtled down the race track at top speed!

As  well as the indoor racing the 'funny car' class provided great entertainment on  the  outside track. The mission in this class is the same as with the  track races  but  in the funny car class competitors must be able to sit on  and  ride their  entry!  The  engineering in this class was really impressive,  favourites with  the  crowd were the chainsaw powered go kart, a drag bicycle and a  quirky motorised wheelbarrow. The Gadget Show's Dallas Campbell gave everyone  a  laugh with  his ride on leaf blower and Pulling Power TV presenter, Ed China  made  an appearance with his infamous road legal sofa, complete with leopard print  cover and a mantelpiece bearing a plant and a clock!

Haynes  International Motor Museum's entry- a go-kart powered by waterpumps  and chainsaws  took  first  prize in the ride on category, whilst  in  the  modified category,  Team  Killer Hurtz were awarded first prize for their inventive  (and very speedy) dragster, powered by a 9.5kw angle grinder.

James Goddard-Watts, Managing Director of Silverline Tools said: "It's fantastic to  see  everyone  having  such  a good time here  today.  The  engineering  and creativity  that  has  gone  into these machines is absolutely  superb.  We  are delighted  to  have entries from The Gadget Show and Team USA  this  year,  both teams seem to have caught the bug for it power tool drag racing and look set  to become regular competitors at this fantastic event".

In  addition to the power tool racing action, a wealth of entertainment  was  on offer  for  all  the family. Many people enjoyed passenger rides in  dream  cars including  a  Ferrari  360 and a Dodge Viper as well as white  knuckle  drifting rides  which  were  available throughout the day. UK Drifting  champion,  Declan Hicks  took to the wheel in the ridiculously powerful Silverline truck and wowed the  crowds with lots of tyre screaming drift demos. Santa Pod Raceway displayed a  colourful  collection of mini dragsters and the Haynes Summer  Supercar  Show featured some truly awesome cars such as the Ferrari Enzo F40, Jaguar XJ220  and McLaren  F1  GTR.  Silverlines sponsorship interests across  air  land  and  sea provided excellent photo opportunities for the crowds in the form of a  hot  air balloon, the FIA champion dragster and the incredible P1 powerboat. Children had great  fun with the quiz and the Scalextric challenge. Adults and children  were able  to get up close to a wealth of cars and motorbikes inside the museum which houses  the UK's largest exhibition of the greatest cars from around the  world.

It  boasts more than 350 cars and bikes, dating from 1886 to the present day, 11 huge  display  halls,  the world famous red room and one  of  the  UK's  largest speedway collections.