MSA British Kart Championship

Rounds 7 & 8: Larkhall - 17th August

Mark Litchfield put in another dominant performance to chalk up two more outstanding wins and extend his lead at the top of the Championship table.  Chris Rogers harried Jonathan Walker in the first final, nearly relieving him of second with Jordon Lennox-Lamb waiting and watching.  In the second Rogers had another strong run until his engine seized with just over a lap to complete, leaving Sam Tordoff to take second from Walker.

Round 7 Result

1. Mark Litchfield (Maranello/ Vortex) 18 laps in 11m 42.63 secs (48.82mph);

2. Jonathan Walker (Gillard/TM) + 1.45s;   3. Chris Rogers (Octane/TM);   4. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (Topkart/Parilla);   5. Lee Bell (Wright/Parilla);   6. Sam Tordoff (Alonso/Vortex);   7. Dennis Gorman (Wright/Parilla);   8.  Mike Adams (Wright/Parilla);   9. Raymie Eastwood (Octane/TM);   10. Robert Wightman(Tonykart/Vortex)

Round 8 Result

1. Litchfield 18 laps in 11m 17.29sec (50.65mph);   2. Tordoff + 3.29s;   3. Walker;

4. Elliot Burton (Tonykart/Vortex);   5. Richard Bradley (Wright/Parilla);   6. Gorman;   7. Nick Yelloly (Kosmic/Vortex);    8. Adams;   9. Bell;   10. Wightman.

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