Kimi Back to business in Valencia

The break is over and it's time to start the final sprint of the season. The weather for my holiday was not perfect, but, any way, I had more time to chill out with the family. It was refreshing to play some golf, to follow the olympics and to go around with my brand new bicycle.

I really like all kind of sports. The olympic games are such a great event. It's so exciting to see all those top athletes give all they have in theirfinal efforts and win the gold medals. I respect highly guys like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, who really are the best of the best. Obviously the best feeling I'll still get while the Finnish athletes are doing well.

But now it's time to go back to our business. We are on our way to Spain. Formula One never sleeps and everything is ready to race again.

The most challenging times of the season are about to start. Every single race is becoming more and more important, while very single point is more and more valuable. The less points there are to get, the more important they are.

Every winter I've done many miles testing at the Valencia circuit. But that does not help anything right now. The European Grand Prix will be the first time F1 will race on a street circuit in Valencia and there will be a great atmosphere racing in the city.

I've seen only an incar-video footage and it is very quick for a street circuit. I always enjoy racing on new circuits. I cannot remember a new place where I haven't learnt the circuit very quickly. Obviously I really look forward to going around Valencia, too.

Once again this season shows that you should never give up. There has been some races while everything has gone badly, but for some reason or an other I've got more points than my hardest competitors. You never know how it goes in F1. My season looks better after Hungary than it did before that race.

We have not lost anything, but we need to get better points consistently. I feel the championship will go down to the wire. Maximizing each point from now on will be the deciding factor. Ferrari and Mclaren are very close in performance and with seven races remaining anyone of the first 3 drivers can still win the championship.

All I care is to have at least one point more than anyone else after the last race in Brazil. The only target is the championship. Everything else is a minor detail.

Obviously we need the best possible points from Valencia. The team has put a lot of effort to get things right for the whole weekend.

The track time will be more important at a new circuit. So a clean weekend with no problems will help. If the weather is hot that helps Ferrari. However by Saturday afternoon all teams and drivers will know the track.

As I said before a clean weekend in the early sessions is very important. Obviously I need to get a good balance in the car over one lap so we will be working hard in that department. Valencia is much quicker than Monaco and there looks to be one or two places where overtaking looks possible.

As in Canada you propably need some luck during this race. I just hope that the luck won't stab me in the back like it did in Montreal. You never know what happens in the race. So it's useless to worry too much beforehand. We just fight and go for it!

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