Euroseries 3000 test in Misano‏

TP Formula topped the private test session held yesterdayday in Misano forthe next Euroseries 3000 round to be held  on the Italian circuit on September 14th.

GP Racing (with Onidi), Durango (Leal) and Emmebi Motorsport (Dracone and Zapata), alsotook part in the test in which Adam Khan put in the fastest lap of each session -the onlydriver to break the 1'28 barrier.

Adam Khan: "I am very satisfied with the job done today because it allowed me to learn atrack which was completely new to me before and to better prepare in view of the next race.I’m just a little disappointing because of a red flag at the end of the day which not allowed me to show the real potential of the car when I was out with new tyres."

Misano, 21st August 2008 – morning session1) Adam Khan (TP Formula) 1’28’’5302) Fabio Onidi (GP Racing) 1’28’’5933) Omar Leal (Durango) 1’28’’8454) Juan Ramon Zapata (Emmebi) 1’31’’9755) Francesco Dracone (Emmebi) 1’32’’640

Misano, 21st August 2008 – afternoon session1) Adam Khan (TP Formula) 1’27’’8142) Fabio Onidi (GP Racing) 1’28’’0683) Omar Leal (Durango) 1’29’’0084) Francesco Dracone (Emmebi) 1’30’’9565) Juan Ramon Zapata (Emmebi) 1’31’’181

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