GP2 Short race for Trident

Race 1

#20 Mike Conway, DNF

#21 Ho Pin Tung, DNF

The first race of the GP2 Main Series weekend at Valencia Street Circuit was one of the shortest ever for Trident Racing.

Ho Pin Tung was stopped by the consequences of a crash happened shortly after the start, while Mike Conway`s run was halted after just 2 laps due to a clutch problem. The double DNF scored yesterday will force both of them to start from the back tomday on Race 2 Mike will take off from 20th place, three spots in front of Ho Pin.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director

"Today we experienced what it probably was our worst day of the 2008 season, even though I usually don`t like to call misfortune into play. Both our drivers were forced to stop in the first two laps: Ho Pin Tung was involved in a crash on lap 1, while Mike Conway was stopped by a minor clutch problem when the hydraulic pump`s connector went off, leaving him with a full clutch on. It`s a tough end of the season, as we keep not taking advantage of our true potential during the races. In that kind of moments though, it`s necessary too keep working head down, and  trust the value of our technical package and of our  drivers. We`re facing a night of work to restore Ho Pin`s car, that suffered a damaged gearbox case. We`ll be able to line him up for tomorrow`s race 2,  and provide him with a fully competitive racecar like we always did.

"In terms of strategy, we decided not to turn any pre-grid lap and to line-up directly in order to save fuel, as we knew it would have become an issue. In the end our calculations, though not useful for us, proved right, and several cars had to slow down due to the lack of fuel. We hope to see a rulebook update in the future to prevent teams from facing that kind of issues, and preserve the top-class talent and show always provided by the GP2 Series".

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