Junior Rallying welcomes ..

Millers Oils as partner

Junior Rallying, the scheme to develop the next generation of British Rallying talent, is delighted to welcome innovative lubricant specialist Millers Oils as a Technical Partner. The relationship will see all the cars run by Junior Rallying in the UK use Millers Oils’ proven lubricants exclusively.Since its launch at the beginning of 2008, Junior Rallying has received critical acclaim for its ground-breaking solution to a long-standing problem for aspiring British youngsters. While there are numerous routes for young drivers to start their careers in circuit racing, potential rally drivers have historically had to wait until they pass their road driving test, at 17 before they can take to the stages. The Junior Rallying scheme allows drivers from the age of 14 to combine formal training in the various skills required in the sport, including pace note systems and physical fitness with two seasons of actual competition in Latvia, prior to their 17th birthday.So far, five drivers have joined the scheme and are competing in the Baltic state, in a variety of cars, varying from home-built and run examples to brand new offerings from one-make series, all under the umbrella of Junior Rallying. The scheme looks likely to expand for 2009 as well, with a potential nine drivers lined up for the two series.Irrespective of whether the cars are built at home or managed by Junior Rallying and its Technical Manager Peter Gladstone, rallying places incredible demands on cars designed for the asphalt or gravel stages. Millers Oils understands this implicitly and has amassed 120 years of experience and expertise in the field of lubricants, including the highly-demanding motorsport arena.The partnership between Junior Rallying and Millers Oils will see all cars run in the UK for the initial training phase of Junior Rallying use the company’s engine and transmission lubricants. Engines will be protected by Millers Oils’ CFS range of fully synthetic oils, designed to minimise internal friction while offering the highest levels of protection for components.Transmissions in the Junior Rallying cars will use Millers Oils’ CRX LS range, designed specifically for motorsport applications and containing Millers Oils’ ‘BM’ shock-resistance additive to minimise the effects of shock loadings throughout the drivetrain.Commenting on the news, Junior Rallying Manager Gemma Price said; “We are delighted to welcome Millers Oils as partner to Junior Rallying. Millers Oils not only has an outstanding pedigree in terms of developing reliable and high-performing products in the world of motorsport, it is also a forward-looking and innovative company and as such, one that we feel is a perfect fit with Junior Rallying.“It is also extremely encouraging to see an organisation of Millers Oils’ stature recognising the importance of what we are trying to achieve; give the next generation of British rally drivers the best start possible in the sport and equip them with the full range of skills required to progress through the levels of the sport.”

Junior Rallying’s Technical Manager Peter Gladstone is no stranger to Millers Oils products, having used the company’s lubricants for a number of years. “I am delighted to be using Millers Oils in our cars,” said Gladstone. “I have used their products in numerous vehicles over the years and they have delivered the results on every occasion. The high temperature, high stress rally environment places incredible importance on lubrication and Millers Oils have stepped up to the mark every time.”Stephen Parker, Marketing Manager of Millers Oils, comments on the success of the programme: “Young motorsport talent is rising across the UK and this grassroots programme is essential to the development of the sport. We wish all the drivers the best of luck for next season and are sure that they will continue with their success, with the support of both Millers Oils and Junior Rallying”

Junior Rallying’s most recent event was the Rally Gulbis over the weekend of 9 & 10 August, which saw all five drivers competing on the same event.