Red Bull in Monza

Test Day Three  -  29 August 2008

Driver:       David CoulthardCar:          RB4 - 02Time:         1:23.737, Laps: 120

Fastest Lap: L. Hamilton   1:22.967

Circuit length: 5.793 km

1848 kilometres - 100% reliability

After Mark Webber drove on the previous two days, it was David Coulthard's turnto get behind the wheel for the final day of the penultimate test of the season. Onthe  agenda  was  pre-Italian  GP  race  preparation,  with  DC  concentrating  ontesting mechanical set-ups specifically for Monza, finding a reasonable balanceon  the  RB4.  Some  performance  related work was carried out in the afternoon,when the track conditions were at their hottest and slowest.

"This three day test has produced positive results for us," commented Chief TestEngineer,  Ian  Morgan.  "We  can  be  particularly  satisfied  that  the  car  ran  onehundred  percent  reliably  on  track  throughout  and  we  completed  over  eighteenhundred  kilometres,  the  most  of  any  team  here,  with  today  being  particularlybusy."