MSA British Junior Kart Championship

Rounds 9 & 10: Whilton Mill, Northants

Sam Jenkins led Ashley Sutton and Sam Snell, but by the time a three kart crash brought out the black and yellow quartered 'pace' flags, Sutton was leading from Carl Stirling.  At the restart of racing, Jenkins was eased onto the grass, and later went off terminally, whilst Stirling took the lead, Sutton falling back to fifth.  Mackenzie Taylor had sped up to second from a grid eleven starting spot, finding pace in the wet he had lacked in the dry.  Another revelling in the conditions was County Kildare's John Norris, a good third albeit eight second behind the lead duo. 

In the second final, Norris capitalised on Stirling's caution to snatch the lead on the first lap, the latter needing a top three to clinch the title with a round to spare, but Taylor leapfrogged both, and escaped from the fearsome second place battle to win.  "It was quite fortunate for me when they started fighting, but we had to dig deep today to find the pace we needed for a win," said Taylor who will forgo a visit to the WSKI series in Spain for an outside chance at the British Junior title against Carl Stirling at Shenington on 5th October. 

Stirling had let the pressure get to him, explaining: "I was happily sitting in third but I messed up at Pits corner and that put me back with Ashley, and he passed and I didn't want to take any more chances." 

Round 9

1 Carl Stirling (Tonykart) 16 laps in 15m 42.98s (42.51mph); 2 Mackenzie Taylor (Alonso) +0.45s; 3 John Norris (Zanardi); 4 Ashley Sutton (Octane); 5 Jake Dennis (Topkart); 6 Alex Walker (Maranello)

Round 10

1 Taylor 16 laps in 15m22.74s (43.45mph); 2 Norris +4.70s; 3 Sutton; 4 Stirling; 5 Sam Snell (Intrepid); 6 Lewis Hall (Topkart)