SPEEDWAY News and Fixtures

UNDER-23 TEST: England v Australia, Wolverhampton, 7.30

SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Belle Vue v Wolverhampton 7.30, Peterborough v Poole 7.30 PREMIER LEAGUE: Reading v Somerset 7.30


Glasgow 4pm

PREMIER LEAGUE: Mildenhall v Stoke 4.30, Newcastle v Scunthorpe 5.30 CONFERENCE LEAGUE: Buxton v Weymouth 3pm, Sittingbourne v Rye House 12pm CONFERENCE LEAGUE KO CUP: Boston v Scunthorpe 7pm DAVID McALLAN BENEFIT:


CHALLENGE: Weymouth v Isle of Wight 7.15

Berwick v Redcar 7pm, Rye House v Newcastle 6pm, Rye House v Somerset (follows previous fixture), Stoke v Reading 7.30

SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Eastbourne v Wolverhampton 7.30 PREMIER LEAGUE:


Plymouth OFF

SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Coventry v Swindon 8pm, Lakeside v Wolverhampton 8pm PREMIER LEAGUE: Edinburgh v Glasgow 7.30, Scunthorpe v Reading OFF, Somerset v Mildenhall 7.30, Work ington v Stoke 7.30 FOUR TEAM TOURNAMENT:



AUSTRALIA: Troy Batchelor, Cory Gathercole, Cameron Woodward, Ty Proctor, Matt Wethers, Aaron Summers, Josh Grajczonek.

ENGLAND: James Wright, Tai Woffinden, Edward Kennett, Ben Barker, Lewis Bridger, Josh Auty, Joe Haines.

All children aged 15 and under will be admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Wolves assets Tai Woffinden and Joe Haines are both included in the England side and Australia include Swindon's Troy Batchelor.

THE teams have been announced for Monday's eagerly awaited Test match at Wolverh ampton between England Under 23s and Australia.


Robins boss Alun Rossiter said: "We are naturally delighted that Jurica has decided Swindon is the right club for him to fully launch his British career. It was always out intention to include him in next season's team."

Pavlic has made an impressive start to his career with the Robins and the news was announced just before their win over Wolves.

CROATIAN sensation Jurica Pavlic will be back at Swindon next season.