Tour Britannia - Lockyear/stephenson win





After another exciting day of competition, Sean Lockyear and Roy Stephenson won the Competition category of the 2008 Tour Britannia. The duo led from start to finish and claimed a winning margin of more than two minutes. Emma Henchoz and Jeanne Taylor took the plaudits in Regularity, while Chris Chiles and Dave Mountford won the Pre-1965 category. In the battle for overall Tour Britannia honours - which is based on Index of Performance - Andrew McAlpine and Neville Alderson took victory by 11.4 seconds.

The final day of competition kicked off with two stages at Swynnerton before the racing took centre stage, this time at Cheshire's Oulton Park circuit. Before lunch at the Cholmondeley Arms, there were a further two stages in the grounds of Cholmondeley Castle. The final competitive action took the competitors back to Swynnerton for two more stages, before returning to Coombe Abbey for the finish, prize-giving and Gala Dinner.

In Competition, Lockyear started the day with a 41 second lead but extended his advantage throughout the day by winning the four stages at Swynnerton. Mike Anderson in his Porsche 911S won the race at Oulton Park by nearly eight seconds, ahead of Lockyear and Eric Woolley. Roger Wills powered the Bizzarrini 5300 GT to victory in both stages at Cholmondeley.

In the Regularity category, there were once again seven different winners from the eight competitive sections. Nick Faure, normally a regular Tour Britannia competitor in the Competition category, Henchoz, Nigel Lax, Nick Gatehouse, Mark Humphries, Ding Boston and Margaret Diffey all won sections, but it was ultimately Henchoz and Taylor who claimed honours in the closely-fought category. Their winning margin was seven seconds over second-placed Bob and Ann Linwood, with Marc and Stefan Vandendijk finishing third.

The overall Tour Britannia Trophy finally went to the Lotus Elite crew of Andrew McAlpine and Neville Anderson. Fellow Elite drivers Malcolm Ricketts and Robin Longdon led overnight, but an engine problem at Oulton Park sidelined the crew.

The award for the highest-placed pre-1965 car went to Chris Chiles and Dave Mountford in the AC Cobra 289, while the HSCC Trophy for the Hardest Trier went to the Mini crew of Harvey Death and Elaine Macleod.

Commenting on the 2008 Tour Britannia, Sporting Director Fred Gallagher said: "Tour Britannia has again been a great success, a tribute to the hard work of all the officials and the sporting attitude of our great bunch of competitors. The event is renowned for its traffic-free roads, great scenery, challenging special stages and world-class racing circuits. Mixed with great food and historic venues, Alec (Poole) and I believe Tour Britannia to be among the best events of its kind in the world."

Notes & Quotes: Day 3Regularity

1 Margaret Diffey /Jeremy Haylock   Abarth 850TC / Porsche 911

"I'm afraid that the Fiat we finished in was built in a special branch of the Turin factory somewhere in Stuttgart. Unfortunately, the Abarth sheared the bolts on a drive shaft yesterday and we didn't want to miss a moment of this very enjoyable event. Seriously, we have had a lot of fun."

2 Marc Vandendijk / Stefan Vandendijk  Lotus Elite

"We have had a lovely day, and there has been nice scenery and nice roads. And we have enjoyed the tests. The car is still running perfectly and the best thing is that everyone is so nice to each other on this event."

3 Anthony Moody / John Hewitt   Aston Martin DB Mk3

"No problems today. Pity about the weather after so many sunny Tour Britannias. But a good event and run efficiently."

5 Sarah Moody / Justine Moody   Ferrari Daytona / Aston Martin DB4

"Great venues, good food and both shared with awesome company. Shame about the Daytona but the Aston seems more at home as British car on British roads."

7 Sholto Gilbertson / Marcus Atkinson   Jaguar E-Type

"There were still some funds left after hosting Happy Hour last night so we carried on this morning! The only problem of the day was the driver failing to obey the shrieked instructions of the co-driver during the Oulton Park regularity which resulted in us going off at Druids and beaching the Jag in a gravel trap from which we had to be ignominiously extracted by a rescue truck. Despite this, we have both enjoyed the event immensely and would happily do it again."

8 Ding Boston / John Puliston   Bristol 401

"We got one of the Swynnertons within a tenth of a second - or rather Hannah (one of the co-drivers) did. The rear dampers are beginning to show signs of fatigue thanks to doing the event four-up. And a wet Oulton Park was a bit interesting. We have all enjoyed it immensely and I think we could all - including the Bristol - fancy going round again.

9 Mark Humphries / Matthew Humphries   Jaguar XK 120 Coupe

"We can't complain about anything. The car has not used a drop of oil or water all event and we have had a good time all the way round."

10 Adam Tindell / Jon Frankel   Lancia Aurelia B20

"This car was only put on the road again in March and has really performed well though today we did have to stop on the first Swynnerton thanks to some debris from the fuel tank blocking the supply. A little later some water got in the fuse box and cut out the radiator fan but that didn't really cost any time. This is its first event and my first rally so we are quite pleased. And I hope you noted that it is in the identical colour to the Aurelia with which Louis Chiron won the Monte Carlo. Great event, want to do more."

12 Roland Duce / Neil Twyman   Ferrari Daytona

"What can one say? The car has performed perfectly, we have had a nice day and thoroughly enjoyed this superb event."

14 Bob Linwood / Ann Linwood   Alfa Romeo Giulia

"We thought we had real trouble when we got a front wheel puncture just a short distance into the road regularity section, but we carried on and, to our surprise, the tyre stayed on the rim and we did a good time. Just as well that our odometer was not driven off the front wheel!  The results service is the best on any event that we have ever done, and everything about this event is to a very high standard. Did we enjoy it? Most certainly."

15 Peter Hall / Franca Davenport   Triumph GT6

"Everything was going so nicely with the GT6 humming along, and then north of Birmingham, it just stopped. Even the attentions of the AA's best could not revive her so we had to get a tow back to Coombe Abbey where we have finally got her running again."

16 Emma Henchoz / Jeanne Taylor   Volvo P544

"We usually rally with our husbands in separate cars so it was nice to reflect on Wednesday night that there we were leading, and not had a single argument! Those first two days were just so much fun but going into the third day as leaders made it such a bizarre day, so stressful just because of where we were. Fortunately we had no problems and we seem to come through on top. It feels great and it is especially nice to do it on such a wonderful event among friendly competitors and organisers."

17 Joey Beale / Giles Cook   Fiat Abarth 1000TC

"Considering that we only bought and picked the car up last Thursday, it really has run perfectly and enabled us to thoroughly enjoy this super event."

18 Rollo Beale / Stephen Beale   Alfa-Romeo Giulia

"It's been a wonderful day and a super event. The car is making a few funny noises but she got here OK so no complaints there either."

25 Hamish Cooke / Henry Fyshe   MGB

"This was just a lot of a lot of fun. Thanks guys for a wonderful event. Finishing was the only thing on our minds, but finishing ahead of the rest of the family feels really good."

26 Nick Faure / Mary Faure   Porsche 356 1500

"We have had super fun on this event. It's been lovely. We miss the hill climbs so perhaps we can persuade this super event to go to the Welsh borders next year. As for the car, it hasn't missed a beat."

29 Nigel Lax / Mark Cordery   Porsche 911T

"We missed the turning for Mill Lane on the road regularity and copped a two minute penalty as a result. But otherwise a happy day in a happy event that we have enjoyed very much. In fact, a few more days and we would have mastered it ."


31 Andrew McAlpine / Neville Alderson   Lotus Elite

"The guys finished putting in the new paddle clutch at about 2 am last night. In fact the worst job they had was in getting the engine lifter back in the van to go to Silverstone. The car has been perfect all day and I simply can't imagine why we didn't put one of these clutches in before. Really enjoyed myself and delighted to have won the Tour Britannia Index of Performance though I had rather it had not been as a result of Malcolm Ricketts having his Elite blow up. Super event and I want to do more."

32 Colin Pearcy / Linda Pearcy   MGB

"Simply amazing event and great fun. Lovely marshals and fellow competitors. It might have been even better for us if I had been able to use a different MG - perhaps a 6R4 .?"

33 Malcolm Ricketts / Robin Longdon   Lotus Elite

Various problems assailed the Elite. The gearbox noises of Wednesday paled into insignificance when, after having to bump start the car several times, the engine finally cried enough at Oulton Park and retirement followed.

36 Harvey Death / Elaine Macleod   Mini Cooper S

"A super day in a great event giving us all so much fun. And some nice person had turned the sprinklers on at Oulton so, although we had to start from the back of the grid, it only took me two laps to get out in front. Not enjoyed myself so much since . well, Snetterton on Tuesday!"

39 Neil Hadfield / Margaret Jackson   Alfa Romeo GTA

"Enjoyed the day and no problems with the car. We liked the event."

41 Robi Bernberg / Steve Winter   Porsche 2 litre

"It was an 'oh dear' day when we finished up putting it in a ditch on Swynnerton 2 and having to be retrieved by the marshals which cost us a maximum penalty. Still, great event and the best thing about it are the people on it; competitors and officials. A super atmosphere."

42 Tim Lewis / Richard Challon   Ferrari 250GT

"The battery was a bit suspect when we left this morning but we took the risk it would be OK. It went totally flat miles from anywhere and it took ages to find a way of getting a replacement. We finally borrowed a battery used to run the display clock from some of the timing crew and we have finished using that. But we had to miss Oulton Park. Loved the event and we'll be back . but maybe not in this car."

43 Stanley Gold / Andy Prill   Porsche 356 C

"Well the Porsche is old like its owner but we both seem to be functioning and getting along just fine. No problems and enjoyed the whole thing."

47 Richard Frankel / Peter Flood   Alfa Romeo GTAm / Alfa Romeo Giulia

"A magical day. Everything went right for once. Simply fantastic at Oulton Park in the rain - hysterical in fact. Now that everything is sorted out and we have a car that goes, how about three more days of the same? For me it was Silverstone and Oulton Park that made the whole event."

49 Graeme Jennings / Paul Jennings   Porsche 911S

"That was a really super day. I had great fun at Oulton Park dicing with an Aston Martin, a Lotus and a Porsche. I think I might have had a bit of advantage in the rain as I was the only one on Dunlop rally tyres but it was great. Loved the event."

50 Peter Egerton / Jon Cropper   Porsche 911S

"It has been brilliant today. This is a really good event. We've done the Tour Auto but this is better, and everyone is so friendly."

53 Mike Anderson / Colin Grant   Porsche 911S

"A funny thing happened to me . the spare throttle that comes up in the cockpit was hooked round the handbrake so that when I used the handbrake on the Swynnerton hairpins, it pulled the throttle pedal flat to the floor. I had to switch off or it would have blown up. In fact, the spare cable was also hooked in the seat belt buckle so that when I went to get out and restore normal service, it came out and everything was OK again. But we lost two minutes or more. At least we managed to win at Oulton Park. And the whole event has been very enjoyable."

54 Chris Chiles / Dave Mountford   AC Cobra 289

"That was quite a tough day, as the conditions were quite varied. Particularly true of Swynnerton where we saw damp and dry on the same run. And very slippery at Oulton. You know that I have won Tour de France, Tour d'Espana and Modena Cento Ore but this event is actually better organised than any of those. Everything is just extremely good, can't fault it. Enjoyed it immensely."

55 Paul Howells / Neil Primrose   Porsche  911 ST

"Great event this year; love the event. This is worth every penny. Neil drove at Oulton Park as we felt that caution was the priority ."

57 Robert Hartley / Rupert Clevely   De Tomaso Pantera

Got tapped by John Sheldon's Lotus Elan during the wet Oulton Park race and then had an accident of its own which bent the front corner and led to its retirement.

58 John Clark / Chris Clark   Porsche 911

"Fantastic day. Those last two runs through Swynnerton with all the muck thrown over the road by other excursions were just phenomenal. You feel great to have tackled them and come through. Super event all round."

60 David Betts / Robert Betts   Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

"We have done all four Tour Britannias and this was well up to standard. We are glad to finish and have to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed the event. One suggestion for next year: come up to Yorkshire and see some new venues and tests."

61 Roger Wills / Olga Wills   Bizzarrini 5300 GT

"It ended badly I am afraid. We started the first run on Swynnerton 2 and the car started to smoke badly. With that much coming out, I knew I had to switch off the engine or ruin it. It's a shame as we had enjoyed the event so much. After that trouble on the first day, at least I was getting some satisfaction from doing good times. Loved the event."

62 Eric Woolley / David Smithies   Austin Healey 3000

"We went off in Swynnerton and hit the steel wire supporting a telegraph pole. The pole snapped and, fortunately fell the other way. We had to wait to be retrieved and missed the second run but at least we are here at the finish. Someone said was I going for pole position but I am not sure I got the joke. Really enjoyed the event, shame about the result."

67 Armand Adriaans / Susanne Adriaans   AC Cobra Mk1

"We lost a bit of time when the Healey crashed in Swynnerton but otherwise today has been going really well. Perfect event; even enjoyed Oulton in the rain!"

72 John Sheldon / Lesley Stevens   Lotus Elan

"My main opponent this year has been . John Sheldon! First there was Snetterton and then at Oulton I forgot to switch the fuel pumps on as I sat on the line thus starting practically last. I touched Rupert Clevely in the De Tomaso on my way up the field so you can definitely say this was not an event where I have distinguished myself. Great event though and I love Swynnerton, I could drive that all day, every day."

74 Sean Lockyear / Roy Stephenson   Porsche 911

"Roy redeemed himself after Mallory with good drives on the circuits, especially at Oulton and I kept it on the island elsewhere. It is really good to finish so well. Almost like it to go on some more but I guess there is always next year. Both of us loved the event, weather and all. Good venues and good company."