GP2 Tough break for Trident

Race 2

#20 Mike Conway, DNF

#21 Ho Pin Tung, 11th

Trident Racing suffered a tough break in the second Race of the Belgian GP2 Series Weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, in the penultimate round of the 2008 season. Mike Conway ended his day as soon as lap 6 due to a spin, while Ho Pin Tung, who got his car stalled at the start, recovered until 11th place. On the record, the exclusion of one driver from yesterdays Race 1 that brought Mike to 7th place, allowing him to stay on the front row today. Trident Racing will now focus on the last and decisive round of the season, starting next weekend at the team`s home track, Monza.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director

"Unfortunately, the first and most positive thought goes to our staff today, including all the mechanics and technicians who worked really hard to provide our drivers with an extremely performing racecar, potentially able to bring some much-needed points and improve our standing positions. After losing the second spot on-grid with a bad start, Conway ended up off-track after clocking the fastest lap of the race. It`s tough to tell, since we once again lost a clear shot to podium with two mistakes. Ho Pin stalled his car at the start, then put together a great drive all the way down to checkered, resulting faster than Grosjean when he got at the Frenchman`s shoulders in the final stages. Unfortunately, that great race doesn`t add points to the team`s toll. We`ll have to discuss several things before Monza, in order to make clear  how much it`s vital, in a series like the GP2, to concretize the team`s potential day-by-day, in addition to the work and keep the car at an high performance level. We`ll have think about that, and do it together, before preparing for Monza and deciding our future strategy".

Mike Conway

“My race started in a bad way when a mistake at take-off cost me several positions. Then, at lap 6, I ended up spinning while exiting the last chicane ad entering the final straightaway, and everything ended up there. It`s a pity, `cause we had a clear possibility to score an important result".

Ho Pin Tung

“Today`s race was really difficult. With the track`s damp conditions, making a mistake was really easy. Unfortunately, I didn`t have a good start as usuan, losing valuable positions. I tried make up during the whole race, and I managed to recover until 11th place thanks to a good pace and to an error-free run".

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