Bourton and Truelove suspended

The National Court was convened at Motor Sports House on 2nd September to consider the following three cases:

Oliver Bourton

The Court heard that at the Super One TKM meeting at Fulbeck on 1st June 2008, it was found that the seal on Oliver Bourton's TKM engine showed evidence of tampering. The engine was duly seized and sent to the manufacturer (Tal-ko) for further examination, whereupon it was discovered that significant illegal modifications had been made to the engine. Oliver Bourton denied all knowledge of any engine modifications or seal tampering.

The Court heard that in March 2007 a new seal had been fitted by Tal-ko. Since then, the engine had been in the continual possession of Oliver Bourton and his father.

The court confirmed that the onus was on Mr Bourton and his son to provide suitable explanations for the engine modifications and the damaged seal. As they were unable to do so, the Court found Oliver Bourton guilty under Regulation C(d)1(c). His licence was suspended until 31st December 2009 and he was ordered to pay costs of £500.

Jonathan Maybin

The Court heard that Jonathan Maybin had been excluded from the results of the Formula Blue kart race at Clay Pigeon Kart Club on 13 July 2008. The stewards had found him guilty, under regulation C(d)1(e), of 'driving in a manner incompatible with general safety, or departing from the standard of a reasonably competent driver' after an incident involving another kart on lap six.

Having heard from the Deputy Clerk of Course, who witnessed the incident, and from Jonathan Maybin, and having considered all the available evidence, the Court concluded that there was insufficient evidence to uphold the charge against Jonathan Maybin. The court regretted that the driver of the other kart involved in the incident had decided not to attend the proceedings.

The appeal was therefore allowed, the appeal fee returned and the Court ordered that Jonathan Maybin be reinstated and the results reissued.

Harry (Hazz) Truelove

The Court heard that during the Stars of Tomorrow round at Genk, Belgium on 10th August 2008, Harry Truelove had exploded in a fit of temper in the Clerk of Course's office after being advised of the Clerk's decision regarding a technical issue. He had used foul and abusive language towards the Clerk of the Course, then kicked and slammed the door before continuing to utter verbal abuse as he went down the stairs. This outburst was heard by the stewards who then imposed a 30-day suspension and referred the matter to the National Court.

The Court heard from Mr Paul Truelove, Harry's father, who had been present during the incident. Mr Truelove confirmed that his son had behaved poorly but he insisted that he did not consider it to be a big issue.

The Court however did not agree with Mr Truelove and concluded that further penalties should be applied. Accordingly the Competition licence of Harry Truelove has been suspended until 31st December 2009, with the period of suspension from 2nd September 2009 to 31st December 2009 being itself suspended. Harry Truelove was also ordered to pay a fine of £500 and to pay £250 as a contribution towards costs.

Addressing Mr Paul Truelove, Mr Tony Scott Andrews, the Chairman of the Court, said:

"Harry's actions showed a complete lack of respect for authority and the way in which motor sport is governed. The Court understands that this incident of swearing and physical violence came just days after receiving a £500 fine imposed for abusive language or behaviour at a previous round. If he loses his temper like this in the Stewards' room, the Court concludes that it is likely that he will do so on the track. His actions are totally and wholly unacceptable in a sport designed for youngsters to take part in."

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