Kimis Column At a full gallop

Obviously  I didn't get the result I was for looking for from Spa, but it wasgreat to get back in the real racing rhytm. I've finally got the feeling I wantin the car and the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps is simply the best of them allto have a Formula One race.

I've got a brillian start from the second row and after that it was fantasticto start real racing. I overtook the two guys in front of me without problemsand after that we controlled the pace very smoothly.

Obviously, already before coming to Belgium, my only objective was to win thatrace. I was only interested in finishing first. Nothing else was good enoughand would have only meant that the point gap to the leaders would have grownmore.

At the end of the day it was as little as two laps and four minutes short forme. We didn't become the kings of the hill, but we had to come full circle. Ispun and slid to the wall.Then I had to walk back to the pits like I did in Valencia, too. But this timewe fought for the victory until the very bitter end, while in Valencia wedidn't even have any chance to win.

When the rain started, it was very tricky to lead the race. We had someproblems with the hard tyre since the very beginning of the final stint. Whilethe rain came, it didn't help and it was slipping and sliding the whole waythrough after that. I tried to fight and I got back to the lead, but then I hitthe wall and got nothing out of it.

Nevertheless there is no reason to complain. I did my very best and it was notenough. It's the same  sometimes in a game of ice hockey or a race of motorcross.You got punches and blows, but you just carry on and fight back. There is noreason for me to start worrying what has happened or to stop trying. I willfight until the very end. The points will be counted just after the final raceand the one who has then the most points, will win the championship. Nothing iscertain before that.

We have five races to go. Obviously my position is not ideal, but that doesn'tmean that I will give up.

Now it's the time for the Italian Grand Prix and we will come to Monza with avery good feeling. Monza is the real mecca of the Tifosi and there will be alot of the Finnish fans, too. It's the place where we go really, really quick.It's great to go there with everything working well in my car.

Last year I had a big shunt just before the qualifying. I hit the wall in a bigway. That hurt and that made the whole weekend the toughest of them all for meduring the last season.

Before Spa we had a productive test in Monza and the car felt to suit wellthere. But you never know how competitive you are before the qualifying session.

We try our very best to win for the team and for the fans. It's the real homeof the Prancing Horse and it would be almost out of this world to win theItalian Grand Prix for the first time.

At least, I don't have anything to loose. So I just go flat out!

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