Trident GP2 Monza Race 1 Report

#20 Mike Conway,  13th

#21 Ho Pin Tung,    DFN

The first of the two races of the Italian GP2 Main Series weekend at Monza started on wet conditions under a thick rain, and ended with a dry racetrack.

Despite the good competitive level shown, Trident Racing suffered once again from negative circumstances. Mike Conway expressed a top-5 potential, as proved with the fastest lap of the race, but his day was compromised by an off-track excursion at the first lap.

The Brit was forced to cut all the way through the first chicane in an attempt to avoid a stalled car, collecting a huge amount of debris that clogged the radiators` openings. Water and oil temperatures raised rapidly, forcing Mike to come back to the pits to get some cleanup.

He then got back on-track and clocked the fastest laps of the day, just before coming in to move to slick tires and keeping the same high pace until the end. Ho Pin Tung was even less lucky, as he had to retire at lap 27 after a small rock broke one of his radiators.

The Chinese lost all the cooling fluid, and then made his way to the pits for good with an overheated engine. Mike will start Sunday`s Race 2 in 13th, while Ho Pin will be taking off from row 9. The race will be televised live by RAI 2 and Sky Sport 2 at 10:30 local time (GMT+2).

Trident Racing also welcomed music superstar Eros Ramazzotti, who supported the team and the drivers closely all-day long. Despite the pride of hosting such a great personality, Trident was sorry not to have had the chance to celebrate a well-deserved top result.