Ecolumination headlights at Silverstone

BMW race car demonstrates energy-efficient Ecolumination headlights at Silverstone

Ceravision Ltd, the company behind the ultra energy-efficient Ecolumination lighting range, recently partnered with leading motor racing team, West Surrey Racing, to demonstrate its automotive lighting system. A set of headlights was fitted to a BMW race car and tested at Silverstone, the home of the British F1 Grand Prix.Ceravision's Ecolumination technology is a revolutionary, high quality, low-cost, energy-efficient lighting system, which uses microwave technology to power electrode-less bulbs. The bulbs are simple to adapt to existing designs and are mercury-free. Ecolumination is leading innovation in the global lighting industry, bringing new levels of efficiency and quality to both indoor and outdoor lighting. “The automotive project was conceived to demonstrate the effectiveness of Ceravision's Ecolumination lamps in the extreme environment of motor sport," explains Tim Reynolds, Ceravision’s CEO. “Under test conditions on the Silverstone circuit, the headlights showed significantly lower energy usage than that of current headlamps or the projected savings from future LED lights.” With the success of the initial testing, Ceravision is now seeking development partners in the automotive lighting industry to bring the headlights rapidly to market. The system is available for licensing by qualified manufacturers. Dick Bennetts, Managing Director of West Surrey Racing, adds: "I’ve worked for over 25 years with some of the leading manufacturers in the world, including BMW, Ford and Honda, along with drivers such as Ayrton Senna, Rubens Barrichello and Tom Kristensen. I believe that Ceravision’s Ecolumination technology is the biggest breakthrough in automotive lighting I’ve seen. It represents a significant improvement in terms of performance, colour quality and reduced power consumption.” See for a video of the test and images.

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