Superleague Racers Gain More Power

With dry weather forecast for the Nurburgring for this weekend’s second round of the Superleague Formula championship, drivers are eagerly awaiting the chance to exploit the “push to pass” (PTP) option that is enabled on the Menard-powered Panoz chassis.

The 750 horsepower, V12 engine is normally limited to 11,000rpm, however by pushing a button on the steering wheel, drivers can raise that limit to 12,000rpm for a minimum duration of 15 seconds.

Drivers can use the extra horsepower advantage to attempt to make a pass. After the 15 second period has elapsed, the PTP phase will end once engine speed drops below 9,000 rpm.

During both races, drivers can use the PTP button a maximum of eight times. After each usage, the extra power option is unavailable for 120 seconds.

The extra revs are not available during practice or qualifying.

“The push to pass option is a great idea. You can really feel the revs pick up – the engine is really screaming,” Tottenham Hotspur driver, Duncan Tappy said.

“I used it twice in the first race and tried to keep a few button “presses” up my sleave in case I needed them towards the end of the race.

“It is great in creating passing opportunities. That extra 1000 revs makes a big difference, because you are changing gear a little bit further down the road than the guy your chasing – it provides you with a big advantage.”