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18th – 24th October 2008FIA GT - LIVE

Take the planet’s most glamorous supercars, somehow make them even more glamorous and what do you get? The FIA GT championship, of course.  This season’s entry list reads like a who’s who in the world of high-performance trinketry; Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Corvette, Porsche. They are all here, only sporting huge spoilers, diffusers and an engine note to wake the dead. The ninth round of the championship comes live from Zolder where Karl Wendlinger and his DBR9 will be looking to repeat their success from last year.

FIA GT, Round 9, ZolderSunday, 19th October, 12:00 - LIVEBritish Rallycross

Isn’t motorsport terribly technical these days? It’s all launch control this, KERS that. Whatever happened to getting a family hatchback, dropping a big engine in it, strapping an inexplicably large spoiler to the back and just hooning around a muddy field with five or six of your mates? Thankfully, the British Rallycross championship is here to do just that. Fans old enough to remember the sport first time round will no doubt get all misty eyed at the thought of Ford RS200s and Metro 6R4s screaming their way between tyre barriers and mud banks. Amazingly, they’re still a popular choice in the supercar category 20 years on, joined by 550bhp Focuses and Clios. The final round of the series comes from Mondello Park in Ireland.  

British Rallycross, Round 6, Mondello ParkFriday, 24th October, 22:00

 Transsyberia Rally

The Porsche Cayenne isn’t exactly famed for its off-road prowess. You’re more likely to find one outside the local Tesco’s for instance than trekking down a muddy country lane. Of course, Stuttgart is more than happy for its soft-roader to be the first choice amongst prospective Chelsea tractorists. Secretly though, it yearns to be taken seriously by outdoor types and what better way to show off its ability than in The Transsyberia Rally. Run from Moscow across Russia to the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, the 6600km route takes in the Ural Mountains, winds through subarctic forests all the way through the Gobi Dessert. The majority of teams will be using Cayenne’s for the event although whether that’s because of its class leading leg room and superior cup holders still remains to be seen.

Transsyberia RallySaturday, 18th October, 13:00

MX1/MX2 Championship Review

Autumn. That time of year when all over the country golden leaves fall, animals sleep and the stars of motorsport put their feet up in front of the fire. Or, more likely, board a yacht or private jet and make for the Caribbean. Either way, there’s not much in the form of live action taking place which can only mean one thing. The review season, ladies and gentleman, is upon us. First up in this yearly automotive feast are the MX1 and MX2 brigades churning their way through Europe’s stickiest mires to find 2008’s best Motocross rider. In the latter, you can re-live Tommy Searle’s brave championship assault. Seeing as he’s British though, you can probably guess how that turned out...    

MX1/MX2 Championship ReviewSunday, 19th October, 17:00 The Fast Lane

Brand spanking new automotive experience The Fast Lane wheel spins its way straight into Monday night’s essential television itinerary this week in a hail of burnt rubber, tyre smoke and all round lunacy. It’s an all new concept in television because, for the first time, the programme lets viewers become the stars of the show, racing against the clock around a purpose built circuit in what Max Power would describe as ‘modified street weapons’. Sure, there will be room for the odd review here and feature there but what you really want to see is three grown men larking around each week. And that’s handy, because that’s pretty much the show’s synopsis in a nut shell. There’s sure to be comedy capers and laughs aplenty along the way as television’s motoring format is given a damn good clip-round the ear. So, all aboard The Fast Lane. Destination: tomfoolery.The Fast LaneMonday, 20th October, 21:00

Superbike School: UK

It’s the penultimate episode in the series that needs only an ordinary Joe, one superbike and a thin strip of asphalt to somehow forge the ultimate motorcycling god. OK, so it’s not quite that dramatic but Andy Ibbott and his team at the California Superbike School do know a thing or two about riding. This week, the students move on to Brands Hatch where the not-very-intimidating-sounding-but-actually-rather-frightening Slide Bike breaks cover. Former student turned British Superbike star Leon Camier will also be dropping by to cast his expert eye over proceedings.

Superbike School: UK, Part 5Tuesday, 21st October, 20:30

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