7 minute lap of the Nurburgring

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Hankook tyres at the Nürburgring Nordschleife

 - Jürgen Alzen beats his own brother's five-year-old record by 4 seconds - A remarkable 7:00-minute on  20,793 km in the "Green Hell" reflected excellent teamwork - And this total package has still yet to unfold its full potential.

During this year’s Circuit-Racing Challenge Nürburgring, German well known race driver Jürgen Alzen with his Hankook tyres-shod Alzen-Porsche Turbo sets a remarkable new lap record in the legendary Nordschleife (20,793 km), also known as the “Green Hell”. At just 7:00 minutes straight, the team-owner and driving engineer of the team Hankook H&R-Spezialfedern managed to beat the current record set by his younger brother Uwe in 2003 by more than four seconds.

"I am very proud of this record, as it clearly reflects the power as well as the future potential of our total package", exclaims a very satisfied Jürgen Alzen after crossing the finish line. "Special praise also goes to Hankook Tire who once again managed to do a sensational job.  The degree of grip, stability and driving performance that working with Hankook for the past two years has brought about is simply sensational. Hankook tires always fit as if they were tailor made for every single lap."

"A great result for the entire team", commenting on the record-setting drive, Seung-Do Jin, Hankook Tire Executive Vice President and Head of Europe. "After a series of misfortunes , particularly in the previous long-distance championship 2008, the team has once again managed to show what they are made of with this record.  And setting a record on what is known to be the most challenging circuit in the world is always an incredible event. Hankook Tire will press ahead, together with Jürgen Alzen Motorsport, in developing their racing tires - because when it comes to the team, there is much more where that came from."

This weekend's 7:00-minute lap record is the second official circuit record of the Hankook H&R-Spezialfedern team. Back in the fall of 2007, Uwe Alzen left his mark in the "Green Hell's" hall of fame. In just 8:15:483 minutes, behind the wheel of a Hankook-shod Alzen-Porsche 997 GT3, he achieved the fastest lap time ever for a vehicle with a naturally aspirated engine on the Nürburgring  (24,433 km, Nordschleife and the short loop of the GP circuit) during the International Long-Distance Championships at the Nürburgring.

In the upcoming 2008 racing season, the Alzen 4WD-Porsche Turbo is equipped with Hankook racing tires Ventus F 200 slicks and Ventus Z 207 rain tires in sizes 280/680-18 at the front axle and 330/710-18 in the rear. The further development of compounds and constructions will follow throughout the entire season in collaboration with Jürgen Alzen Motorsport.

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