MSA British Kart Championship

Rounds 11 & 12: Shenington, 5th October

British Champion-elect Mark Litchfield showed he was tackling the last two rounds just as any others, all out to win.  He fought back past Chris Rogers after trading the lead a couple of times, thereafter leaving no opportunities for the closely following Rogers to retaliate once more.  They crossed the line 0.05 seconds apart, having dropped the third place battle in which Lee Bell had been reeled in by Jordon Lennox-Lamb, towing along Richard Bradley whilst fifth placed Sam Tordoff was forced to pull out.  A late race lunge on Bell took Lennox-Lamb into third, with Bradley soon following on. 

All the heats had been wet in heavy morning rain but the track dried remarkably quickly to allow the use of slicks in the two finals, the sun even shining.  Bell was in good form for the second final, needing to consolidate his second place in the series, as he swept by Litchfield at Park Corner for the lead.  After one unsuccessful stab in the chicane, Lennox-Lamb made his move at the hairpin for second on Litchfield and then repeated the feat on Bell a lap later. Rogers was falling away, unable to keep the pace, but the canny Litchfield regrouped to regain the lead until a desperately late move by Lennox-Lamb on the last lap tapped Litchfield wide and down to third.  For this, Lennox-Lamb was given a four place penalty, promoting Bell to the top spot.

Result Round 11

1 Mark Litchfield Maranello/TM

2 Chris Rogers Octane/TM

3 Jordon Lennox-Lamb Topkart/Parilla

4 Richard Bradley Wright/Parilla

5 Lee Bell Wright/Parilla

6 Elliott Burton Tonykart/Vortex

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