Red Bull in Fuji


Having trouble dealing with your tiny hotel room here? Then take note of thesehandy hints on how to survive the weekend:

- Always have a can of Red Bull in your room. Not only will it sharpen your mindfor work, but if you spray a few drops on the bedroom floor, it might remove thesmell of the four million cigarettes smoked since the carpet was last cleaned.

- Nowhere to put your clothes? Fold them neatly and put them under themattress. They take up no space and are perfectly ironed in the morning. Hangyour suitcase outside the window on your pass.

- Bed too small? Try sleeping in your travel bag. It's probably more comfortableand if it has wheels, your colleagues can drag you to the circuit in the morning, ifyou have a Sake hangover.

- Make sure you have an ashtray full of fake cigarette ends. Not smoking in aJapanese hotel might lead to you being deported as an undesirable alien.

Car 10 MARK WEBBER, 1st Practice P13, 2nd Practice P6"That was a good Friday for us. We enjoyed some dry weather today, which is animprovement  on  last  year!  It's  enjoyable  to  drive  the  track  -  it's  got  sometechnical  and  frustrating  corners,  but  we  just  have  to  get  on  with  that.  We'vedone  our  race  preparation  today,  we'll  work  hard  tonight  and  do  the  qualifyingtomorrow. All in all, not too bad."

Car 9 DAVID COULTHARD, 1st Practice P19 2nd Practice P17"I had low grip through the last sector, which meant the car had a lot of oversteerand  was  sliding.  There  is  a  contrast  in  coming  here  from  somewhere  likeSingapore, which is a challenge and fun to drive. This track includes blind apexesand off camber corners. It doesn't matter if you're a racing driver or a punter, anice corner is a nice corner, and they tend to be ones where you see into them,or it's banked and you ride the corner. In contrast, you don't normally see themhere  before  you're  on  them,  or  it's  off  camber  so  the  car  slides  at  the  rear.  Itlooks good on TV, but these cars don't generate high levels of slip angle and gofast, so it means you lose some lap time - but that's the challenge of this circuit."

STATISTICSMARK WEBBERFirst Practice SessionPosition: 13, Best Time: 1:20.620, Laps: 24, Chassis No. 5Second Practice SessionPosition: 6, Best Time 1:18.734, Laps: 39, Chassis No. 5

DAVID COULTHARDFirst Practice SessionPosition: 19, Best Time: 1:20.905, Laps: 24, Chassis No. 4Second Practice SessionPosition: 17, Best Time: 1:19.327, Laps: 36, Chassis No. 4

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