Ten places back for Mark

Car 10 MARK WEBBER, Position 6th(Mark will drop ten places on the grid tomorrow, due to an engine change)

"Unfortunately a penalty for an engine change drops you five rows back - and it'sdifficult enough anyway these days with the field being so tight. In Fuji I would havehad a chance to make up some places during the race, as it's easier to pass there,but there are some really quick corners here making it more difficult. Let's hope forsome rain tomorrow."

Car 9 DAVID COULTHARD, Position 16th(David will move up a place tomorrow, due to Mark's engine change penalty)"I'm extremely disappointed with what Nick Heidfeld did at the end of Q1 on the lastout lap. All the cars were bunching up on the second to last corner, as they jostledfor position, but Nick suddenly passed me on the inside into the last corner, just asI was about to start my flying lap. It was very unlikely he was going to do a betterlap on prime tyres and he was on the dirty side of the track, so he wouldn't havedone a faster lap by squeezing through the inside at that point - and he came inbefore  the  end  of  that  lap  anyway!  He  would  have  known  he  was  in  the  top  tenalready, so for me it was very un-sportsman like behaviour, as all he did was screwup my last flying lap - there wasn't any intention of him doing a quicker time."

CHRISTIAN  HORNER:  "Despite  losing  track  time  with  an  engine  failure  in  thismorning's practice, Mark did a good job to finish P6 in today's qualifying session.Unfortunately  he  takes  a  grid  penalty  tomorrow  due  to  the  engine  failure  andsubsequent engine change, but it was a good lap from him. David had the pace togo through to Q2, but an incident with Heidfeld cost him time on his last run and,with the circuit improving, unfortunately he just missed the cut."

FABRICE LOM, Renault, Principal Engineer, Track Support: "We are very sorryfor Mark and apologise to him for the engine failure. It's a shame as he had goodpace today and easily got through in to Q3 to finish P6. David was blocked duringQ1,  so  wasn't  able  to  show  his  real  pace  today.  It  wasn't  a  good  day,  I  hopeSunday will be better."