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Positive feeling

For a change,  it was nice to come back home from a race weekend. Looking at it, the most positive thing of both weekends is to be strong in the qualifying - at last.

The car is more to my liking and, because of that, we started from the front row both at Fuji and at Shanghai.

It gave a good feeling. Finally we got something back from the hard work the team has done with the car. Obviously, we have done some things right, as the results have improved.

I like sushi and chinese food, too, but, of course, I liked it more to get back to the podium. We need a strong finish for the season. A positive finish gives a positive feeling for the long winter and a good starting point for the next year.

The possibility of a win was almost there, but the race pace was not enough in China.

I've a got better feeling for the car all the time. That felt positive, but still it was not 100% how we wanted it to be. We could not exactly match the speed of McLaren during the whole weekend. Hamilton was quicker than us in the first laps of the race and, again, quicker with the new tyres after the stops. We managed to get a little bit closer, but, obviously, it was too late.

While we had the same amount of the fuel, only their mistake would have made it possible to try to beat Hamilton.

I became 29 years old on Friday in China. The birthdays come and go, but it was nice to see and hear, that so many fans remembered and supported me, although this season has not been my best. Thank you all for the support.

Last year I had the best weekend of my life in Brazil. I will never forget that.

Now we head for Brazil again and, obviously, what happened there last time, will give me such a great feeling again. This time we will try our very best to repeat that 1-2 result. We try to fight for the win and we monitor what is happening and act accordingly.

My approach is the same as going to the last two races. The qualifying is very important. The front row would be fantastic again. Let's wait and see, how it pays out this time.

We made the best of it from the position we had in China. While I cannot win the drivers' championship any more, it was the same for me to finish second or third. The main thing was to get 14 points for Ferrari. The team still fights hard for both championships.

I'm a team member and I'm more than happy to do my share and to help the team to win the championships in the season finale.

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