FIA challenges Ferrari to cut-costs

The FIA has challenged Ferrari to come up with their own cost-cutting measures after the Formula One team threatened to withdraw from the sport if plans to introduce standard engines go ahead.

In a statement to the press, the sport’s governing body, said: "The FIA has noted the press statement issued by the Ferrari board of directors."It seems the Ferrari board were misinformed. The FIA has offered the teams three options, one of which is the so-called standard engine and another that the manufacturers should jointly guarantee to supply power trains to the independent teams for less than €5m per season.

"It is now for the manufacturers to agree one of the three FIA options or themselves produce concrete proposals to reduce costs to a sustainable level," the FIA statement added."If neither happens, the FIA will take whatever measures prove necessary to preserve a credible world championship for both drivers and constructors."

Although clearly hoping that the teams can come up with a proposal that satisfies it, the FIA has made it clear it will take whatever action is necessary to ensure the survival of all teams - even if it means a standard engine. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has backed the standard engine proposal, but some pundits say the FIA's stance may be part of a familiar carrot-and-stick approach to persuade the teams to swallow a more palatable alternative.

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