Murray Walkers Motorsport Madness

Unless I am very much mistaken...this has to be the best collection of crashes and smashes in motorsport history!

Released by Revolver Entertainment on Monday, 24th November 2008

“Aaand they’re off…!” Get ready for the best crashes, out-of-control spins and dramatic collisions as Formula 1 legend Murray Walker, OBE, presents Murray Walker’s Motorsport Madness, released exclusively on DVD through Revolver Entertainment on Monday, 24th November 2008.

The legendary ‘Voice of Motorsport’, Murray Walker takes us on a white-knuckle ride through the greatest crashes in sporting history. An absolute legend in the world of racing, on the high-octane DVD Murray brings viewers the greatest crashes, explosions and stunts from F1 cars, MotoGP, British Touring Cars, GT Racing and the crazy world of AERO GP along with many, many more adrenaline-fuelled sports.

Featuring brand new footage spanning the globe, Murray brings his unique wealth of experience and unbridled enthusiasm to this must-see DVD, full of twisted metal, shocking impacts and the most jaw-dropping scenes of motorsport carnage. Witness F1 superstar Jenson Button throw down the gauntlet in a high-speed showdown, Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi’s heavy-metal spins, and incredible death defying crashes from the World Rally Championships. Viewers can also expect more than a few of Walker’s trademark “Murray-isms” too, those quips which have made him a firm favourite in a career spanning more than 50 years across the BBC and ITV.

Best known for his over-excitable style of F1 commentary, Murray‘s interest in motorsports began with motorbike racing, following in the footsteps of his father, motorcycle TT champion Graham Walker. He took a sideways step into commentary after serving time in the army, making it his full time career in 1978 and quickly becoming the UK’s voice of Formula 1. Over many years, his high-pitched, high-speed delivery has made even the most routine of developments seem exciting, becoming a major factor in the enjoyment of watching F1 in the UK for all Brits. Although retired in 2001, Murray’s not been able to stay far away from the business he loves, remaining an active and opinionated force within the industry, reprising his role as commentator as recently as July 2008 for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Of Murray Walker’s Motorsport Madness, Murray commented: “F1 and motorsports have been a huge part of my life for such a long time that I feel privileged to bring together the best and most dramatic motorsport moments on this fantastic DVD. There are thrills and spills aplenty here for every sports fan!” 

Murray Walker’s Motorsport Madness is the ultimate DVD for lovers of high-octane motorsport madness, mayhem and mishaps.

Murray Walker’s Motorsport Madness is out on DVD Monday, November 24th

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