Kimis Brazilian review

Another win for Ferrari

That was that. The season is over. The last race was like a reflection of it inall. We were strong. We got a good, but not a perfect result.

Now the most important thing was to win the contructors' championship forFerrari. That was more or less the main achievement we could get from the lastrace of the season. It's a great thing for everybody involved in Ferrari - tothe staff, to the sponsors and, especially, to Stefano Domenicali who was ourboss in his first year.

Personally I took it as a small win for me, too. This was a really tough anddifficult year for us all. Obviously it's great to win the championship for theteam after a year like this. It proves how the team is fighting until the veryfinish.

My own hopes for the drivers' title were gone after the races at Spa and atMonza. After that I just tried to get the best points for the team and to builda good basis for the winter and for the next season.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton. He got the most points from this season andwhoever is achieving the most points, deserves the championship. It's uselessto think of the ifs and it's useless to feel bad. Obviously, it doesn't changethe result.

The race is not over before everybody has finished. I felt for Felipe. Lastyear it was a little bit like a same kind of a situation and it turned out tobe in my favour. This time it was the opposite for Ferrari.

This is again a season that the tifosi will remember. This is racing. You neverknow what can happen and that's so superior in our sport and in Formula One.

Now we have a nice weekend with the tifosi at Mugello. We show some driving, wehave fun and we celebrate the contstructors' championship again. After thatit's time to have a nice holiday and to start charging the batteries for 2009season.

This was not a season I wanted to go through. It started quite well, but,obviously, we had too many bad moments. We made mistakes, the others mademistakes, but we paid more from our mistakes and after that we couldn't recoverany more. We were out of the championship much too early.

But it's yesterday for me. Gone and forgotten. Next year we will come back. Wetry our very best to win it again.

Obviously the rules will change a lot and nobody knows exactly how it will bein 2009. But I have a good feeling that we are on the right side. Usually whilethe rules are changed it has been Ferrari who has got it right faster thanthe rest.

Let's wait and see how it goes and what we are able to achieve next year.

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