A1 Korea join forces with A1 China

 A1 Team Korea have joined forces with A1 Team China in the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport in an agreement which will see the team’s trade space on their respective A1GP cars in the 2008/09 season. 

Competing in its first season in the global racing series, A1 Team Korea joins 19 other nations from around the world, including A1 Team China, who have been part of the series since the inaugural season.  

The new agreement takes affect from the A1GP Chengdu, China, with the Korean sponsor Good EMG taking its place on the home nation’s car this weekend.  Good EMG (Good Entertainment Media Group) is the second largest entertainment company in Korea and manages popular acts such as the Korean boy band Shinhwa (Legend).  

Similarly, A1 Team Korea is proudly displaying the logo of the CCTV 5 Magazine on the rear wing of the Korean car, also a media partner of A1 Team China.  CCTV 5 is part of the China Central Television family of networks and is the main sports broadcaster in the People’s Republic of China. The ‘space sharing’ agreement allows A1 Team Korea and China to offer space on both cars to perspective sponsors. 

Racing in 10 countries on five continents in the 2008/09 season and broadcast in 180 countries around the world, the two teams offer exciting sponsorship possibilities to companies in Korea and China.    

A1 Team Korea seat holder Jung-Yong Joshua Kim said, “I’m delighted to announce this space sharing agreement with A1 Team China, who are respected rivals and good friends of A1 Team Korea.  I think this agreement symbolises the true nature of A1GP, we will compete against each other on track, but there is a friendly camaraderie in the A1GP paddock with many of the teams helping each other.   From a commercial perspective, we are also able to offer sponsors a more attractive proposition of a place on both the Korean and Chinese cars, which we hope will attract more interest in the future.”  

A1 Team China seat holder Mr Liu Yu added, “This is an exciting new partnership for us.  We have a close relationship with A1 Team Korea and we’re pleased to be sharing space on our cars with them.  Korea has many large successful companies, which are also successful in China, so we feel this agreement holds a lot of potential for the future.” -

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