Successful Speedcar start for N.Tech.

N.Technology successfully concluded its first test with the Speedcar Series  in Dubai with drivers Vitantonio Liuzzi, Bertrand Baguette, Fabrizio Gollin and Gianni Morbidelli sharing evaluation duties over two days.

Each of the four drivers gave important feedback to the team, ranging from the main parameters of the car to its behaviour on new and used tyres, enabling N.Technology to find the right set-up quickly.

Formula 1 drivers Liuzzi and Morbidelli concentrated on defining the main geometry set-up as well as the optimum springs and bars choices on the car whilst World Series by Renault's Baguette worked on the breaking distribution and tyre use with 2008 FIA GT Vice-Champion Gollin.

"We worked closely with the Speedcar Series staff and are pleased with the way this first test went," said N.Technology Technical Director Marco Calovolo. "Both the Series organisation and our drivers worked extremely hard to ensure the two days were a success.

"We were especially pleased with Bertrand Baguette's performance. It was his first time in a Speedcar Series car, with just World Series by Renault and GP2 Series experience, and he was able to match the times of Formula 1 drivers such as Jean Alesi and Johnny Herbert as well as our own F1 drivers Morbidelli and Liuzzi."

Gianni Morbidelli with Vitantonio Liuzzi (left to right)

N.Technology will now evaluate the opportunity presented by the Speedcar Series, once the final 2008 World Touring Car Championship event, taking place in Macau this weekend, is completed. The team will run drivers James Thompson and André Couto in two Honda Accord Euro R Super 2000s.

Speedcar Series Dubai test (Unofficial Timings)

Driver                           Day 1               Day 2

Jean Alesi                     1:42.501            1:41.611

HH Frentzen                  1:43.408            1:42.100

Johnny Herbert              1:43.140            1:42.453

Fabrizio Gollin                                     1:42.683Gianni Morbidelli         1:43.688            1:42.793

Uwe Alzen                                             1:42.821

Chris Buncombe            1:46.573            1:42.831

Paul Tracy                     1:43.978            1:43.355

Hasher Al Maktoum                               1:43.473

Christian Jones              1:43.734            1:43.687Bertrand Baguette        1:44.193            1:44.001

James Grunwell             1:48.308            1:44.167

Vitantonio Liuzzi          1:45.011            1:44.906

Marcel Tiemann                                     1:45.078

Alex Yoong                   1:45.144    

Sakon Yamamoto          1:47.761            1:45.784

Alessandro Nannini        1:46.084

Khalid Al Zarouni                                    1:47.107

Karim Al Azhari                                     1:48.988Laurent Steiger              1:55.328            1:49.021

Eric Charles                                          1:49.512

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