Rob stuns rivals

 with dominant display at Silver Cup

The normally modest Robert Foster-Jones allowed himself a rare moment of obvious pride when he described his latest victory as a “flawless and convincing performance.”

He wasn’t wrong. Fastest in timed qualifying, he went on to win the two heats, the pre-final and main final at the second round of the Silver Cup at Sarno near Naples (9 November).

His team boss, Ricky Flynn was equally satisfied, saying; “All weekend he was very strong and did all you can do.”

However, his run to victory was not entirely without controversy or drama. In the final, he had opened a commanding lead but founds himself closed down by the experienced Italian, Anniello Smarrazzo. As the race entered its final lap, Smarrazzo was pressuring Foster-Jones’ rear bumper looking for a way past but finding the door firmly shut.

“Going into the hairpin, I defended and he knocked me off,” Rob explained. Smarrazzo crossed the line in 1st place but - in scenes reminiscent of Felipe Massa’s premature celebrations at the end of the Brazilian GP - it soon became apparent that he was under investigation. Half an hour later, the stewards announced that Robert had been awarded his rightful victory.

“All he could do to overtake was give him a whack. That’s a measure of how in-control Robert was” commented Flynn afterwards.

Robert added, “These things happen, it was one of those things. And I’m glad to have won. But had Lady Luck not deserted me in the first round (his motor seized whilst he was leading the main final at La Conca), I know I would’ve won the title.”

The Silver Cup was Robert’s penultimate race in the KF2 class. Before he signs off at the Copa Campeones at Vendrell in December, he will make his KF1 debut at the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championships on Macau, at the end of the month (29/30 November).

“I’ve got a couple of weeks off to prepare but I can’t wait. I’ve got to be on top of my game” he says.

Ricky Flynn agrees – “It’ll be tough. KF1 is another step forward in your career. That’s why he’s doing it. We’re not expecting a top three finish because Robert’s got a lot to learn. He’s never been to the Coloane circuit before, never raced against the KF1 pro’s and never driven on a ‘special’ tyre but he’s mentally very strong and will rise to the challenge, I’m sure.”