Trident GP2 Paul Ricard Test, day 2

AM Session:Nelson Panciatici 1:29.830Marcello Puglisi  1:31.215PM Session:Nelson Panciatici 1:29.066Carlos Iaconelli 1:30.689The second and final day of testing at Paul Ricard officially ended the 2008 GP2 Main Series season; once again, the run was conditioned by bad weather, preventing anyone from lapping consistently on dry track conditions.

Trident Racing fielded, on both sessions, Frenchman Nelson Panciatici, while Marcello Puglisi and Carlos Iaconelli shared their car over the day, with the Italian running in the AM session and the Brazilian entering the track in the afternoon. Panciatici completed the work scheduled by the team, finding a good feeling with the squad and with a new car to him.

He ran without making mistakes, despite encountering some extreme weather. Marcello Puglisi, who was entered as a prize for his win in the Italian F.Master Championship, faced the same problems, in a session stopped by an early fog and by several red flags. Iaconelli completed the job on the afternoon, though he couldn`t complete all the planned laps due to a gearbox issue. Trident Racing will now be focusing on the second round of the GP2 Asia Series, starting at Dubai on December 5.Riccardo Corbari, Managing Director"These two days of testing at Le Castellet has been intense for the whole team. On the first day Joulien Jousse, who was strongly wanted by Trident Racing, did a great job and confirmed the positive expectations we had since the start. The Frenchman built a strong relation with engineers and with the other staff, despite this was his first experience in a non-French team. Fabio Leimer also showed a good technical and physical shape, and managed to create a good feeling with the Dallara GP2 Racecar. He even climbed up to the top of the charts on Tuesday morning, proving to be ready for a GP2 Asia Series approach that could eventually lead to a successful entry in the Main Series.

"On day 2, Nelson Panciatici also did a good job working with engineer Graziano Michelacci, despite running on extremely bad track conditions. He appeared to have enjoyed his time and was sorry for not having the possibility to run with us on day 2 too. The car managed by engineer Daniele Rossi was shared by Marcello Puglisi, who won the 2008 Formula Master Italia, and Carlos Iaconelli. The Italian was stopped in the pits by an electronic problem on the steering wheel, and was prevented from using the whole time he had, while Iaconelli suffered from gearbox issues and could complete just a few laps. The Brazilian shown his good professional skills in dealing with the technical compartment of Trident Racing. All the drivers were disturbed by bad weather, a tough variable especially for rookies."

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