TORO ROSSO again 100% owned by RED BULL

Subject to approval by competition authorities, Red Bull will again take over the50%  share  of  the  Formula  1  Team  Toro  Rosso  that  has  been  owned  by  BergerMotorsport  since  2006. 

The  two  friends  Dietrich  Mateschitz  and  Gerhard  Bergerhave led their joint motorsports project, which emerged from the former MinardiTeam, to its greatest success to date. The first win in the team's 25 year historywas celebrated at the Italian Grand Prix together with Sebastian Vettel, one of theRed  Bull  Driver  Search  Program's  biggest  talents.  In  the  Formula  1  WorldConstructors' Championship, the Scuderia Toro Rosso achieved sixth (6) place inthis year's season.

Before Red Bull took over Minardi, the team regularly held the role of "bringing up therear"  on  the  Formula  1  track.  The  team  had  to  be  radically  overhauled  to  fulfill  theexpectations of the new owners. As part of this reconstruction, the assignment of 50% ofthe  shares  to  Berger  Motorsport  was  necessary.  With  this  transfer,  Gerhard  Bergerbrought  all  his  Formula  1  knowledge  and  connections  into  the  partnership  in  order  tohelp further develop Toro Rosso.

"I am very happy that I can support Didi - who has committed himself to Formula 1 withso much dedication - with the reorganisation of the team and in this process to make useof my knowledge so effectively", said Gerhard Berger.

Didi Mateschitz agrees: "I'm very grateful to Gerhard for his enormous input. Togetherwe have made Toro Rosso a team which, from 2008 onwards, will regularly qualify forthe Top Ten and collect Championship Points".

From   the   beginning,   Red   Bull   was   responsible   for   the   financial   and   technicaldevelopment  of  the  Team,  whereas  Gerhard  Berger  focused  on  steering  the  athleticside.

"A 100% financing of a joint project by one partner can only make sense, to my mind, atan initial stage", Gerhard Berger emphasised. "This stage is over now. That's why RedBull will take over the shares again".

"Red Bull will now run Toro Rosso alone on this basis, as well as remaining a partner ofBerger Logistik", added Didi Mateschitz.

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