Nicolas Prost F.3000 European Champion


Nicolas Prost is the new F.3000 European Champion: the championship was decided at the tenth lap of the last race on the Magione track, when his closest rival, the Anglo-Pakistan Adam Khan (TP Formula) went out of the race while he was fifth.

At the end of the 36 laps, Nicolas Prost finishes seventh, thus being the new F.3000 champion after the 22-years-old Italian Davide Rigon.

The win went to Fabrizio Crestani (GP Racing), who gets another win after race 1: starter eighth, he did a great start and took the lead of the race already in the first laps of the race, followed by Romanini, Gonzales, Onidi, Gianmaria, Razia , Zapata e Khan.

The stewards penalize Luiz Razia with a drive through and at his comeback on track, the Brazilian is in the last position behind Nicolas Prost. Adam Khan tries to recover getting the the fifth place, while Gonzales is up to second followed by Fabio Onidi, who at the eighth lap manages to overtake the Sighinolfi Autoracing driver. GP Racing's Italian, thanks to a series of fast laps, closes the gap on his team-mate. Luiz Razia comes back to the sixth position after overtaking his team-mate Fabio Beretta, while the new champion Prost does the same on Omar Leal (Italian F.3000 champion) and the same Fabio Beretta.

At the 23th lap Raffaele Giammaria passes Gonzales thus completing the last podium of the F.3000 season together with the two GP Racing drivers.

Fabio Onidi is Euroseries 3000 vice-champion with 58 points. In the constructors standings GP Racing is again on top, winning the championship ahead of Bull Racing (132 points) and TP Formula (81).

“I'm so happy for this title because I was very keen on winning it, not because I'm Nicolas Prost but because I like doing things at 100%,” comments the new champion Nicolas Prost. “After the accident in race-1, the car wasn't completely ok even if the guys were great to repair it thus letting me start again. Unfortunately I had some vibrations. On this track it's very difficult to overtake and so starting tenth it was impossible to win the race. I would have liked to win the title with a podium, but it's fine anyway. I hope this title can help me in the future and I would like to do a test with Ferrari F1.”

“I'm very satisfied with Nico's result” says Alain Prost “In the last few races he improved a lot and it's a very intelligent guy while racing. Even if he started racing late, he managed to show his qualities. His dream is to get a test with Ferrari F1 and we'll see what we can do. To get a seat at 27 isn't certainly easy. Unfortunately I couldn't be in Magione because of the bad weather, but maybe it was better because I didn't put too much pressare on him.”

“I had a very good start and on this kind of track it's difficult to come back. It's good to end the season here in Italy with a 1-2” comments Fabrizio Crestani

“Finally a race without problems and without problems. Without my mistake in race-1, when I spun, things could have been much better” states Fabio Onidi “Anyway I managed to take back the second place in the championship and the team managed to win the team championship. Now we'll see what happens in the future.”