Hockenheim added to growing list

of doubtful starters

The future of the Hockenheim GP is in doubt according to  the circuit's boss Karl-Josef Schmidt who has been quoted  in the Der Tagesspiegel newspaper

"Without grants from the state there will be no more Formula One in Hockenheim," he goes on to say:

"Formula One will disappear not just from Hockenheim but from Germany as a whole. Then it will only be run in Arab countries,"

Hockenheim is reputed to have made a loss of 5.3 million euros this year.

A spokesman for the state's ministry of economic affairs has said 'it is not the task of the public to fund events at the Hockenheimring."

The Canadian and French Grands Prix will not be held in 2009 for financial reasons, although The Nurburgring, which alternates with Hockenheim, is on next year's calendar.