Motors TV Weekly Highlights

3rd – 9th January

Autosport International Exclusive!

The biggest and still best exhibition in world motorsport once again pitches camp at Birmingham’s NEC in early January where Motors TV will be on hand to offer a guided tour of this year’s bonanza. The opening salvo of back-to-back nights in the company of 2009’s Autosport International offers viewers an exclusive sneak peak at this year’s show before the floodgates keeping Joe Public at bay are flung open on Saturday. Get the inside line on top attractions and stands without ever having to buy the programme!  

Autosport International, Part 1Friday, 9th January, 22:00Formula 4-Stroke

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life which is why this week it’s our moral duty to point you in the direction of the Formula 4-Stroke Powerboat championship. Ditching terra firma in favour of H2O, Motors TV heads to the oh-so glamorous Torquay for the opening round of the season. And with 150 and 225bhp classes on offer, there’s even more surprises to be found in this variety themed listing.  

Formula 4-Stroke, Round 1, TorquayFriday, 9th January, 20:00 Best of Crash 2008 Let’s be honest; motorsport just wouldn’t be motorsport without a smattering of high speed prangs. The fewer wheels left on his wagon the better I say, which is why 2008’s best spills, thrills, incidents and accidents have been collected together for your titillation in the Best of Crash. Doubtless there’ll be room for argy-bargy inspired mayhem but in truth, the best ones are always the Superbike riders who having crashed, attempt to return to the action via a cunningly placed gravel trap. Cue the obligatory embarrassing low-speed falling off clip. When will they learn?

Best of CrashSaturday, 3rd January, 20:00CORRThose whose taste in motorsport is like a giant bag of pick n' mix –  they like a bit of everything - will be literally over the moon at news of CORR’s return to the High Speed Television Channel this week. Short for Championship Off-Road Racing, a selection of hardcore pick-up trucks race fender to fender around a Motocross inspired arena over eight rounds across the US of A. Details remain sketchy as to whether the field will be chased by a dungaree-clad, straw chewing lynch-mob to the sound of a wailing banjo. All bets were off at the time of writing.   CORR, Round 1, Los AngelesMonday, January 5th, 21:30


Yet another victim of gratuitous abbreviation syndrome here as our American cousins do what they do best in the not-as-famous-as-NASCAR stock car racing category, ARCA. Like ChampCar and Indycar in the “open-wheel” division, ARCA does exactly the same as its illustrious rival; take large, unwieldy saloons, give them 200mph and only one direction to turn in. After the giddy heights of the Formula One circus, Scott Speed looked to resurrect his career in the series throughout 2008. See how he got on during the opening round at Daytona.ARCA, Round 1, DaytonaSaturday, 3rd January, 21:00

V8 Lites

With the V8 Supercar brigade enjoying a well earned break, it’s down to the grammatically incorrect V8 Lites to provide all your Antipodean tin-top action. The GP2 of Aussie motorsport, the Lites category is a stepping stone for drivers aiming for a shot at the big time where the wheat is very much sorted from the chaff.  V8 Lites, Round 1, AdelaideWednesday, 7th January, 21:00