Litespeed Sets F3 Pulses Racing

Aerodynamically supreme, a technical dynamo and a potential to set the motor sport industry ‘on fire’ – just for once the Litespeed F3 team is not talking about its SLC R1 chassis, but its latest test drive – Maryeve Dufault.

The French Canadian driver from Montreal spent the last few days with the British F3 engineering team, from whom we have come to expect the unexpected.

Did anyone envisage the ‘new team on the grid’ setting the ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ by testing one of the most competent female drivers on the globe? Anyone who truly knows the team would say yes, whilst those who don’t, simply don’t understand the team’s ability to research, recognise and commit to the development of international talent.

The team’s determined positioning in the 2009 season was in evidence as soon as they enticed National (2001) & International (2002) British F3 champion Robbie Kerr to become the 2008 winter test driver for the team. The fact that the two look set to develop Litespeed’s R1 International car speaks volumes about the way Robbie has become an integral part of the Litespeed team. Together, Litespeed & it’s test driver have the National car in great shape for 2009 and the drivers of the new season.

Drivers such as Maryeve, who has racing in the blood – her father and elder brother are Canadian racing champions & Maryeve has been living, breathing & dreaming motorsport since she can remember. She is a champion in her own right, having excelled in Karting, Pro Mazda Star Series & Formula BMW.

‘We were delighted with Maryeve’s test results,’ said Steve Kenchington, Technical Director of Litespeed F3. ‘She had never driven in the wet before and applied a professional and methodical approach in making the step into a British F3 car, focussing on learning the track and the challenge of driving in the unfamiliar wet conditions around Snetterton.

Litespeed & Maryeve have a long future ahead, not least of which because she demonstrated great technical competence & understanding. With more seat time, she will have the opportunity to fulfil her potential and we are thrilled that that will be with Litespeed.’

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