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10th – 16th January

 Andros Trophy / Pilot Bike

Lans en Vercors plays host to the fourth round of both Andros Trophy and Pilot Bike championships as we hit the half-way stage of the snow-inspired motorsport season. The French alpine resort is but a stone’s throw from the town of Grenoble and one of the first places to meet its maker if that new particle accelerator thingy buried beneath the Franco-Swiss border does turn out to be Kubrick’s doomsday device after all. If it is, this could be the first and presumably last TV highlight of 2009.Andros Trophy / Pilot Bike, Round 4, Lans en VercorsWednesday, 14th January, 17:30 Autosport International Part 2

With the first instalment of this two-part Autosport International exclusive aired the previous night, it’s only right that we satisfy your lust for more exhibition-based programme making with the second a day later. And what a programme it is; cars, cars and more cars, all beautifully polished sat resplendent on their stands with a selection of interviews thrown in for good measure. Don’t worry if you miss it either because we’ll be repeating them throughout the week.   

Autosport International, Part 2Saturday, 10th January, 22:00 ARCA Round two of 2008’s ARCA championship comes from Salem in Southern Indiana where drivers and crews alike will be battling it out for an early season advantage. Three abreast at 200mph, this is stock car racing at its best.  

ARCA, Round 2, Salem SpeedwaySaturday, 10th January, 21:00NZ JetSprintEver wondered why New Zealand only ever produced just the one F1 World Champion? You might argue it’s got something to do with the small population but then that never stopped the Finns, did it? No, the reason for the Kiwi’s continuing spell in the motorsport wilderness is this, NZ JetSprint. It’s essentially a rowing boat attached to an engine - nothing special about that then. But before you switch over for Bargain Hunt, hear me out. The Aussie V8 behind the driver and navigator kicks out an incredible 1250bhp! That final ‘0’ isn’t a typo ladies and gents; the lunatics really have stuck that much power in the back of a dingy. With the Jetsprint’s performance making an F1 machineries 900 horses look decidedly average, perhaps it’s time for a spot of boating.NZ JetSprint, Round 2, GisborneFriday, 16th January, 21:00

 Formula 4 Stroke

Continuing this week’s nautical theme, it’s only right and proper that you be pointed in the direction of Formula 4 Stroke. Last time out the teams were in Torquay and this week the glamour just keeps on coming as the championship moors up in Plymouth for the second round of the championship. With 150 and 225bhp, this isn’t quite Jetsprint territory but then with the flotilla racing hull-to-hull, that’s probably best for all concerned.

Formula 4 Stroke, Round 2, PlymouthFriday, 16th January, 20:00Aussie Racing CarsWe return to the Southern Hemisphere for the final pick of this week’s TV for 2008’s second bout of Aussie Racing Car action. Wakefield Park is the venue for what can only be described as Australia’s answer to micro-machines. Place one V8 Supercar saloon on a hot wash in the tumble drier for an hour or so and hey-presto, an Aussie Racing Car is born. It is hugely fun though and well worth a look for the connoisseurs of panel bashing amongst you. Aussie Racing Cars, Round 2, Wakefield ParkWednesday, 14th January, 22:00

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