Has Slim bought Honda F1?

Carlos Slim - a rather portly and amazingly successful businessman based in Mexico has apparently NOT bought Honda F1.

The denials come from Honda Racing's Ross Brawn and also from Slim's son.

On Saturday, Italian newspaper La Stampa claimed that Slim, who they described as the world's second richest man, was poised to buy the Honda team.

"The saviour has arrived at the last minute: Carlos Slim, 67 years old, the second richest man in the world," said the newspaper.

"The news is not official as all the details have yet to be formalised. But two things are certain - the team has been saved and the drivers will be Jenson Button and rookie Bruno Senna in place of Rubens Barrichello."

La Stampa, which did not identify the source of its story, added that Senna, the nephew of former triple world champion Ayrton Senna, is sponsored by Embratel, part of Slim's Telmex group.

Ross Brawn dismissed the rumour's of Slim's buyout as "pure speculation".

Shame that whatever the outcome - Barrichello who consistently outperformed Button will inevitably get the chop - and Button gets to stay.

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