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Improve your performance with physical and mental training

Dr R S Jutley with Andy BlowForeword by Professor Sid Watkins

Publication: Out Now, Format: Hardback, RRP: £17.99, ISBN: 978 1 84425 543 6

Autosport International (NEC: Friday 9th January) The authors and Professor Sid Watkins will be signing copies on the Haynes stand at 1.00pm

"I enjoyed reading Dr Jutley's updated book very much. I am sure this pleasure will be shared with all of its readers, who will, in addition, acquire the knowledge to improve their own fitness and performance in life regardless of their vocations or occupations."Professor Sid Watkins, OBE, MD, DSc, FRCS (President of the FIA Institute of Motor Sport Safety)

Peak fitness is a prerequisite for a competitive edge, and top motorsport teams routinely employ medics, psychologists, dieticians and even armed forces specialists to help drivers hone their performance. It's a different picture, however, at national and club level, where poor preparation can blight potential. Fitness is not just about driving faster, it's about driving more safely and making fewer mistakes, which, at worst, could prove disastrous. The Motorsport Fitness Manual offers expert information on all aspects of physical and mental fitness, and draws on scientific and medical principles as part of the personal preparation for competition. The areas covered include:

  *    Simple, established, safe training principles  *    Measurable components, such as stamina, strength, suppleness, speed,  skill and spirit  *    Balance, agility and co-ordination  *    Weight loss  *    Motorsport-specific circuit training  *    Rescue procedures in an emergency  *    Extensively illustrated, including step-by-step exercise sequences  * Contributions from motorsport luminaries, including Professor Sid Watkins    and the late Colin McRae

Dr R.S. Jutley is a cardiac surgeon who authored the first edition, Fit for Motorsport. He has competed as a driver at World Rally Championship level and officiates at motorsport events in a medical capacity. He is also the consulting doctor for the Porsche Human Performance centre at Silverstone race circuit.Andy Blow is a sports scientist whose CV includes a period at the Renault F1 Human Performance Centre and personal experience as a triathlon competitor. He is currently managing the Porsche Human Performance centre at Silverstone race circuit.

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