Lamborghini Miura SV RHD

Lamborghini Miura SV RHD

Wondering where to put your money?

Well take a take a look at this honey - the only yellow RHD Lamborghini Miura SV - and one of only 7 RHD Miura SV's made.

Car has had a full factory rebuild over 2 years - and needs nothing.

Ok - the price - £1m. Big money - maybe 3 times what you'll pay for an average LHD P400...

BUT - what prices would the other RHD SV's fetch? This one is a factory restoration job and the owner of the car is well known in Lamborghini circles - so no stories.

Put it another way - these cars have appreciated considerably in the last few years - where do you think it is going to be pricewise in a few years time?

With people like Kidston organising the Miura tours and doing a bit of hyping on them aswell - reckon Miura's are a good thing - bit like Mac F1's - and like the F1's the owners of SV's probably look at the cars as "keepers" so prizing them out of their hands will require a sizeable amount of green..

Value wise - another way of looking at it is like comparing a scrappy Daytona Coupe - with the value of one of the 7 RHD Scaglietti Daytona Spyders...

Click here for the Official Lamborghini Wycombe web site - featuring this car - site designed and built by Racecar

Anyway everyone has their recollection of their first exposure to the Miura - and mine like many from my generation comes from the Italian Job.

Enclose a link to an interesting site which documents what happened to the orange Miura in the film..

Click here for info on the Lamborghini from the Italian Job

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