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SPEEDWAY star Phil Morris' appearance on the SKY One TV quiz show ‘Are You Smarter Than a 10-Year-Old?’, is to be aired this Friday, January 16, at 5.00pm.

The popular Welshman has appeared on a number of TV quiz shows over the last18 months and although we are sworn to secrecy over how he gets on, we can reveal his stay rolls over to the following episode on Monday January 19. 

The format of the show hosted by Dick and Dom, sees the contestant asked a maximum of eleven questions, spanning ten subjects (such as History, Maths or Science) taken from textbooks for 6 to 10-year-old students. Each question is associated with an age level; there are two questions per age group, from 6 to 10. The player can answer the questions in any order, and each correct answer raises their cumulative amount of winnings to the next level. There is a safe point after 5 correct answers, guaranteeing the player the value of the fifth question, and after ten questions players may take a jackpot question for the top prize (£50,000).

Contestants can be assisted by a ‘classmate’, one of five school-age cast members, in answering the questions. The classmate, chosen for two questions at a time, attempts to answer the question at the same time as the contestant, writing their answer on a virtual blackboard hidden from the contestant's view. The contestant will have three forms of assistance from the classmate (two cheats and a save) each available for use once per game.Once all three forms of assistance are used, the children no longer play an active role in the game.

Each contestant has a friend in the audience who is there for moral support and encouragement. Paul Hunsdon a familiar face to those who have watched speedway at Reading in recent seasons where he was the Centre Green Presenter, is the man in Morris' corner.

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