Farnbacher Loles Rolex 24 At Daytona

Farnbacher Loles Racing continued its strong performance at the Rolex 24 At Daytona on Sunday. The No. 86 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, driven by Dominik Farnbacher, Eric Lux, Matthew Marsh and Kevin Roush, was fastest of the team cars, holding second in the GT class after 18 hours. The No. 88 Porsche was a solid seventh in class, driven by Steve Johnson, Dave Lacey, Robert Nearn, James Sofronas and Richard Westbrook.

The No. 87 Porsche (Wolf Henzler, Leh Keen, Dirk Werner and Westbrook) had regained 10th place by the three-quarter race mark, the No. 89 Porsche was 17th (Pierre Kaffer, Giacomo Petrobelli, Gabrio Rosa, Giorgio Rosa and Alan Simonsen) and the No. 85 Children's Tumor Foundation car (driven by Richard Campollo, Michael Gomez, Daniel Graeff, Henzler and Yarab) was 18th, with six hours remaining.

GT class race positions

car             start              6h             12h             18h             24h           reason out

64               12                 24             out                                                 driveshaft

85                 5                 11             17               18

86                 9                   4               1                 2

87                 6                   2             11               10

88               18                   9               6                 7

89               16                 26             19               17

GT class race report

car          time             driver                    action

85           12h9             Gomez                   back on track

               12h14           Gomez                   pit – fuel

               13h16           change                   pit – Yarab in, four tires, fuel

               14h               Yarab                     garage – replaced right-rear upright

               14h45           Yarab                     back on track

               15h5             change                   pit – Graeff in, four tires, fuel

               16h23           Graeff                     pit – four tires, fuel

               17h6             change                   pit – Campollo in, four tires, fuel

86           12h34           Roush                    pit – four tires, fuel

               13h16           change                   pit – Lux in, four tires, fuel

               14h24           change                   pit – Farnbacher in, four tires, fuel

               15h47           Farnbacher             pit – four tires, fuel

               16h50           change                   pit – Marsh in, four tires, fuel

87           12h27           Henzler                   pit – four tires, fuel

               13h17           change                   pit – Werner in, four tires, fuel

               14h26           Werner                   pit – four tires, fuel

               14h55           Werner                   pit – front tires, front brake pads, fuel

               15h8             Werner                   pit – replaced brake line

               16h4             change                   pit – Keen in, four tires, fuel

               17h9             change                   pit – Henzler in, four tires, fuel

88           12h4             change                   pit – Lacey in, four tires, fuel

               12h58           change                   pit – Westbrook in, four tires, fuel

               14h06           change                   pit – Nearn in, four tires, fuel

               14h45           Nearn                     pit – fuel

               15h42           change                   pit – Sofronas in, four tires, fuel

               15h50           Sofronas                 pit – fuel

               16h53           change                   pit – Johnson in, four tires, fuel

               16h58           Johnson                  pit – repaired broken steering wheel

               17h18           Johnson                  back on track

89           12h35           Simonsen               pit – fuel, front brake pads

               13h17           change                   pit – Petrobelli in, fuel

               14h23           Petrobelli                pit – four tires, fuel

               14h29           change                   garage – Giorgio Rosa in, replaced driveshaft

               15h12           Giorgio Rosa           back on track

               16h3             change                   pit – Gabrio Rosa in, four tires, fuel

               17h7             change                   pit – Kaffer in, four tires, fuel

Gabrio Rosa, No. 89:  "This morning, unfortunately, we had a problem about three hours into the race. The clutch broke and we lost a lot of laps. But other than that, everyone is going well! It's very interesting to race with Giorgio because we work together very well. And it's fun!"

Eric Lux, No. 86:  "With the race start changing from 1:30 to 3:30, it's different. When it was a 1:30 ending, the drivers prepared to really go 100 per cent around 10:30. Now it's a 3:30 ending, so when you see the sun rise, you can't begin pushing as early as you normally feel like you should. So you have to hold yourself back until 1:30 or 1 o'clock to really open it up and go for it. All my teammates in the car have done a great job and the team has given us a great car for this race."