(SPEEDWAY 1)WOLVERHAMPTON have added club asset Joe Haines to their Elite League squad for next season.Haines will spend the season on loan to Rye House but will be Wolves' No 8.Club owner Chris Van Straaten said: "Joe did well at Workington last season and I know he was popular up there. This seems a logical move for both the rider and the club at this stage."(SPEEDWAY 2)POOLE newboy Kyle Legault has teamed up with Stoke's Lee Complin in the Argentinian Championship.Both riders are chasing silverware in the build-up to the new domestic campaign.Said Legault: "Lee and I are living in the same place on this trip and we're helping each other out as much as we can, so it would be great to finish first and second in the championship."

(SPEEDWAY 3)DANIEL Davidsson believes Poole's signing of Joe Screen from Belle Vue could be a masterstroke.Davidsson, who played a major part in the club's Elite League glory last season, says Screen's experience is vital.He said: "I heard our line-up is getting some stick from various people, but I think it's good enough, especially with Joe coming in, he can help us on smaller tracks in particular."(SPEEDWAY 4)FORMER Redcar owner Glyn Taylor has been drafted in to help with a planning application for a track in Ireland.Taylor will link up with Gareth Rogers after both played their part in the successful return of the sport on Teesside.Stuart Cosgrove, the man behind the project, said: "The new circuit would form the basis of a bid to bring a Grand Prix to Ireland."

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