Motors TV Weekly Highlights

21st – 27th February

Le Touquet Enduropale: LIVE

The French beech classic wins the highly coveted award of becoming Motors TV’s first live event of 2009. With live programmes missing for so long, we thought it only fair that some sort of compensation be in order which is why we come packing a three-and-a-half-hour-seaside-motorsport punch on Sunday afternoon. Reigning champion Arnaud Demesteer will be amongst the 1000 or so other lunatics who take to the Touquet, Stella and Merlimont coastlines where ruts, jumps and whoops separate the unoriginally nicknamed “Sandman” from an eighth Enduropale Crown.

Le Touquet EnduropaleSunday, 22nd February, 11:45RPM: Galway International Rally

Highlights from the opening round of the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship come from Galway where wintery weather provided far from ideal conditions for drivers. Those who like to see more than just a couple of manufacturers vying for victory are well catered for with the series home to a gaggle ex-WRC spec cars being driven flat out through the narrow Celtic country lanes.

RPM: ITRC, Round 1, GalwaySaturday, 21st February, 15:00

 AMA Supercross Four rounds in and America’s most important MX championship is hotting up. Judge for yourself just how warm things have gotten across the pond by watching the fifth instalment of the AMA Supercross season which this week pays a flying visit in more ways than one to California’s AT&T Park.  AMA Supercross, Round 5, AT&T ParkTuesday, 24th February, 19:00Superbike School: UKThe comeback to end all comebacks: Yes, two-wheel mad, leather clad fans, Superbike School: UK returns to Motors TV screens this February amid a fanfare of wheelies, burnouts and four-cylinder thunder. With an avalanche of popular demand tumbling from the snowy peaks of television viewership, what right did we, a humble motorsport channel, have not to show the entire first series again? The answer, SS:UK friends, is none. So, sit back, relax and enjoy Andy Ibbott et al coaching the helmets off of Al Fagan, Sheela Nair and Derek Redmond all over again across the next seven weeks.     Superbike School: UK, Episode 1Friday, 27th February, 20:30

 Extreme Motorsport!

Try Something New Today might be the tagline for one of Britain’s most popular supermarkets, but for the sake of this listing, we’ve decided to nick it. That’s because I’m contractually obliged to draw your attention to the mass arrival of extreme motorsport on the High Speed Television Channel this week. First up there’s CORR and WSORR on Tuesday, two championships of very similar ilk, but both very much worth a look. Custom built racing trucks jumping side by side whilst tearing up the American countryside. Perfect. Then there’s the NZ Jetsprint Review on Friday where boats with 1200bhp go mental on a man-made lake. Terrific. That’s then followed by IHBA Drag Boats, craft capable of topping an even more staggering 1500bhp which, unsurprisingly, means going very fast in a straight line. Scary. CORR / WSORR / NZ Jetsprint / IHBA Drag BoatsTuesday, 24th February, 21:00 / 22:00Friday, 27th February, 21:00 / 22:00Passion PacificGo on, have a guess what this is about; Tonga’s burgeoning motorsport series?  The follow-up to Celebrity Love Island? No, you’re all wrong because what we actually have here is a programme about, wait for it, trains. More specifically, steam engines chuffing across America.  That’s right ladies and gents, we’ve finally gotten round to dedicating an entire hour of air time to the leviathans of the Industrial Revolution. And why not? Big engine equals big horsepower and that’s all it takes to spread a smile across, an admittedly made-up, Motors TV face.   

Passion PacificWednesday, 25th February, 19:00

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