Gian Carlo Minardi testing analysis

The 60th world championship of Formula 1 has officially begun with the first test: while the Ferrari F60 with the newly preferred to turn on the home circuit of Mugello, the opponents of house Toyota, McLaren, Renault and BMW have preferred to baptize their new single seat on the Portuguese circuit in Portimao. With them also the Scuderia Toro Rosso, but in version 2008.

“Right now is certainly not easy to make a thorough analysis on the first test,” commented Gian Carlo Minardi on“I had the impression that all teams are slightly off track, especially the Kers. I think the Ferrari has done very well run at Mugello, despite the bad weather. Being very close to home could very easily overcome the various problems that you can have when you take the car to debut. As we have seen in Portugal, the weather was the protagonist of the first days of testing, creating many difficulties for the team: an example of all the McLaren has decided to run with the rear wing in version 2008 for temperatures up to the tires. At present, the team must try to solve new problems arising from the new aerodynamics, trying to make the best possible way the tires. I am waiting impatiently for the next test though for now we have all the teams together on the same circuit as Ferrari, Toyota and BMW are going to try the high temperatures of Bahrain (February 10-13) to try to test the Kers and the strength of the propeller (since the new aerodynamic affects the disposal of hot), while others will be at Jerez in Spain “

With the start of the championship teams can no longer take to the track for the private test sessions, having available only on Friday morning to try. On this aspect that Mark Webber Fernando Alonso were controversial, because the Red Bull driver is convinced that it will turn much to try different solutions, while the bi-champion of Renault claims that the house will be used only to put in place the setup of single-seater, given the limitation on the number of drivers throughout the season “We are facing a radical of the regulation and, as we already have witnessed, has been interpreted differently in different teams. Right now everyone is being organized to try different solutions - and never the same - to avoid being copied. As we all know the beginning of the championship will not be able to do more tests, but there will be only more on Friday morning to run, and who manages to best interpret the regulation without being discovered will be benefited. For now anyway I do not think it was drafted the final regulation and technical and sporting both Webber and Alonso are right in the sense that anyone is in difficulty, but that will run with the goal of bringing home the best possible result without pointing to the World and will use on Friday morning in danger of having to use the ninth propeller (with consequent penalty of 10 positions), who runs the world will have to be very careful reliability since the unit will have to complete 3 week end. The strategies will change and will be determined by the ranking. “

In conclusion these days, much was said about the possibility of setting up a national Grand Prix through the streets of Rome. This proposal of course has been thinking about the danger to lose the Grand Prix of Monza “The Grand Prix in Monza is untouchable because it is part of the history of the sport in what is known as the Grand Prix of Formula 1. Precisely why I do not think that Monza would risk losing its race where timing also came into Rome. Frankly its the entry would in a positive way for several reasons: a calendar of 18 races, a circuit is certainly good citizens, especially given the proper media interest that created Valencia and Singapore. Besides Rome is a spectacular business card from the tourist point of view and this should be a way forward: of course will be a race that will not touch the public money and living on their professionalism and their revenues “