Bikes TV: Gringos in the Andes

Last November, around sixty bikers undertook an epic tour of several thousand kilometres around South America riding the BMW 1200 GS.

The journey, set up by Eric Massiet du Biest, organiser of several similar events in Australia, Africa and Europe, was labelled 'Gringo Raid' and took the participants on a stunning, starting and finishing in Chile, visiting Argentina and Bolivia, and taking in sights such as Santa Cruz, Sucre, Potosi, San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta and many more.

The journey was not only one of discovery for the riders, but saw them build close friendships with their fellow participants and also with the inhabitants of these often isolated regions, where the riders were intrigued to learn about completely different cultures.

The film, superbly directed by Laurent Douek and Olivier Milleville, brings together the best and most intriguing moments shared by the riders, set to the stunning backdrop of the Andes. Each rider's personal story is included as are their meetings with the indigenous population, all chronicled by Eric Massiet.

The motorbike has always been the best way to discover new horizons, with riders free of the restraints of being trapped below a closed roof. They enjoy 360 degree views, can stop roadside for a chat, climb 5000 metres in the borders between Bolivia and Chile to enjoy the unreal Salar of Uyuni, the biggest salt lake in the world, and take on the desert of Atacama, used this January by the competitors in the Dakar Rally.

In these times of crisis and recession, this special documentary brings a breath of fresh air found blowing through the Andes, in what is the first chapter of a three part adventure which will take the participants to Australia in 2009 and South Africa in 2010.

Gringo Raid - Wednesday February 11th at 7pm and then repeated several times.