Kop Hill Climb Commemorative Run

On Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27thSeptember 2009.Kop Hill has been a speed hill climb since 1910. The Hill is just over 1000 metres and rises by 100 metres. The 'Commemorative Run' will be divided into sections for different types of vehicle. Pre-war Motorcycles Veteran Motorcars (up to 1918) Vintage and Post Vintage Motorcars (1918 to 1939) Classic Motorcars (1940 to 1973) The Veteran and Vintage classes include motorcars of the types that took part in the early days of the run. The organisers are planning on 50 motorcycles and 200 motorcars, the majority of which will be Veteran or Vintage. For spectators there will be three viewing areas on the Hill and the opportunity to examine the vehicles in the paddock

. Kop Hill Climb History - Kop Hill, Princes Risborough is one of the oldest Hill Climb venues in England.

In the 1910/20's, Kop Hill was one of several hill climbs in the Chilterns along with Aston Clinton. It was a major event on the motor sports car and motorcycle calendar and many famous names had runs up the hill.

Well known car drivers included Malcolm Campbell in his 12hp Talbot 'Blue Bird', Raymond Mays (Bugatti), Henry Segrave (2 litre Grand Prix Sunbeam), Count Zborowski(8 cylinder Ballot) and Archie Frazer Nash.

The fastest time recorded for a car was in 1924 when John Joyce achieved a time of 26.8 seconds in his AC (an average of 69mph). The motorcycles were faster with a time of 26 seconds in 1922 set by Kaye Don on his 7.9hp Indian. In 1925 Freddie Dixon became the fastest man up the hill with a time of 22.8 seconds on his 736cc Douglas (an average of 81mph!). Click here to view, in a new window, a full listing of all the results from 1911 to 1925 together with descriptions of these motorcar and motorcycle events.

The first speed event up this fairly straight, loose macadam 1 in 5 gradient, was held in 1910. The last event in this early period was on 28th March 1925 and when, as a result of a mild accident to a spectator, the RAC decided to ban all motor sport on public roads. Unfortunately as this was an open public road the public could not be restrained from going and standing where they wished and private vehicles had to be given the right of way if they wanted to drive up or down the hill.

In 1999, as part of the Risborough Festival, the Town Council, in association with the Bean Car Club, held a commemorative run up this famous hill.

The organisers of the 2009 commemorative run plan to replicate the one in 1999 and intend to hold the event on a regular basis in the future.Kop Hill Climb ProjectRisborough Area Community Action (RACA) has been set up with the aim of promoting the Risborough area for residents and visitors alike. RACA is supported by Wycome District Council and Princes Risborough Town Council and includes representatives from local community organisations. The Kop Hill Climb Project is just one of the events being organised by RACA. The objective of the project is to raise funds for two local charities, Iain Rennie Hospice at Home and Risborough Cares Charity.

Kop HillKop Hill is just over 1000 metres long to the summit and rises by 100 metres. It starts with a gentle slope and then gets steeper and is 1 in 6 at the half way mark. The road then eases off before it gets even steeper at 1 in 4 just before the summit. The road is well surfaced.

Latest News - The Kop Hill Climb Project is starting to roll.

The paddock and public areas have been planned. Sponsors are being sought. Local volunteers are required to act as stewards on the day. Advertising and promotional literature is being prepared. Entries for the event are now being accepted.

How to Find Kop Hill Kop Hill RoadPRINCES RISBOROUGHHP27 0LB

Map reference OS sheet 165 815030.

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